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Dr. Hany Cheng

The idea behind Havan Clothing was sparked after Hany Cheng and her partner, Ivan Eng, volunteered at a shelter home in Sentul during Christmas. At the time, Hany was pursuing her PhD. in counselling and expressed concern about the touch-and-go nature of charity as well as the children’s lack of emotional intelligence. 

Bottling their intention, both Hany and Ivan came up with the idea of starting a social enterprise selling apparel designed by children at shelter homes, naming it Havan Clothing, a combination of their names. Through selling apparel, 10% of proceeds are channelled to sustaining their emotional intelligence learning programmes, buying stationeries for the children and funding field trips for shelter home children. 

Hany, a counsellor by profession, is the Head Social Innovator at Havan Clothing and is in charge of Havan’s social outreach, lesson development, impact measurements, and teacher training. 

To date, Havan Clothing has reached out to over 70 children in 4 different shelter homes. The social enterprise aims to impact 1,000 shelter home children by 2025. 

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