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Hung Bee Ling

Bee Ling’s journey into the realm of environmental advocacy was unexpected and transformative. It all commenced when she volunteered at Kedai Jalanan, a distinctive pop-up store in Kuala Lumpur dedicated to serving the homeless community with dignity and respect.

Her close collaboration with Kedai Jalanan unveiled a new world for Bee Ling, one that transcended textbooks and theoretical knowledge. She became profoundly immersed in the lives of the underprivileged. A pivotal moment in this journey transpired when she visited a makeshift “home” of a community member. There, she was confronted with a distressing sea of plastic waste engulfing the surroundings. This experience underscored the stark intersection of poverty and environmental pollution, propelling her to redouble her efforts in addressing these interconnected challenges.

In 2020, fueled by this newfound passion, Bee Ling, along with Chee Lee Yoon, co-founded Hara Makers. The name “Hara” symbolizes a state of having nothing, signifying their mission to enhance the lives of community members. Through Hara Makers, they empower individuals with the tools and resources to devise innovative solutions to the challenges faced within their communities by recycling and upcycling plastic waste.

To date, Bee Ling and Lee Yoon take great pride in their collective achievement of removing nearly 4 tons of trash from Sungai Keroh, training a total of 42 women in plastic and food waste upcycling, resulting in the production of nearly 3000 handmade products.

To me, making an impact means bringing people together, forging strong bonds, and nurturing a sense of belonging. It revolves around collaborative efforts to tackle local challenges, ultimately strengthening and empowering our communities where everyone finds their place.

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