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Faye Lim

Lim Sheng Feiyan (a.k.a. Faye) is a Malaysian Social Artist who believes in the values of honoring her country by showcasing the uniqueness, strength, and beauty of everyone as Malaysians through art, food, and culture.

Faye earned her Diploma in Advertising & Graphic Design from The One Academy Communication Design, Malaysia, and has worked for more than 8 years in various roles such as Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Digital Photo Restoration Specialist, and Digital Portrait Painter for many of Malaysia’s Royal Families and VIPs at Canvas Art Sdn. Bhd, where she currently serves as the Managing Director.

After witnessing numerous challenging events in Malaysia, Faye embarked on a journey by founding TRP CREATIVES, a social enterprise focused on inspiring and driving social change through creativity. It was here that ‘The Rojak Projek’ was born. The Rojak Projek is an initiative dedicated to fostering positive understanding and awareness of Malaysia’s unity, culture, and diversity through creativity. It actively involves youths to empower and drive change throughout the nation.

Faye’s vision is to become globally recognized as the leading social artist who has forged deeper connections with people and initiated a positive impact by highlighting the beauty of Malaysian people, food, and culture through art, inspiring individuals worldwide by 2027.

Making a positive impact happens when there is a shift from negative to positive in any situation. It means that through my work, there is improvement and the result of my work has changed a person or community. Through The Rojak Projek’s work with the help of the community, the impact becomes more meaningful and significant because Malaysia is never the same if we are not together.

Malaysia tak sama, kalau kita tak bersama.

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