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Faiz Qayyuum Bin Abdul Majid

Faiz Qayyuum’ s life has immensely changed since he embarked on his volunteering journey in 2012, where he left prison with the hope of a second chance.

Through volunteering, he experienced personal growth and developed a strong commitment to becoming a better person, all while extending his help to those in need not only in Malaysia but also around the world. Faiz has actively participated in volunteer missions in Bangladesh, including #RevisitBangladesh2018, #OhanaToAcheh2018, #MisiDapurSulawesi2018, among many others.

In 2019, Faiz received devastating news when he lost his mother, who was battling cancer. This personal tragedy motivated him to initiate a Cancer Awareness program aimed to support individuals fighting cancer. His project garnered support from the State Cancer Institute and from local artists such as Heliza Helmi, Hazwani Helmi, Sherry Al-Hadad, and Hana Ismail.

Faiz has received awards from Yayasan Salam Malaysia, including the 2016 Leadership Award in the ‘Gold Award 2017’ category and the GEMA Hero Award. His most recent project, ‘Kembara Buat Baik,’ aims to promote a spirit of volunteering among young people, changing lives as he did.

Making an impact includes Giving Second Chances.

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