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Engr Gurmit Singh K.S.

Gurmit Singh is the Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Centre for Environment, Technology and Development Malaysia (CETDEM). He has been an active supporter of sustainable living in Malaysia, as well as an advocate for environmental conservation and rehabilitation. For more than 40 years, Gurmit has been reaching out to Malaysians and reminding them of the need to work together to keep the environment clean for future generations.

In 1957, Gurmit enrolled at Methodist Boys School (MBS), where he joined the Georgetown Senior Boy Scout Troop, sparking his interest in nature and the outdoors. Later, he began working at the Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia (RRIM), and the experience transformed his life.

While working as an electrical assistant engineer, Gurmit became involved with various social organisations, sparking his strong interest in academic freedom, human rights, and environmental issues. In 1974, he became the President of the Selangor Graduates Society and founded the Environmental Protection Society Malaysia (EPSM).

Gurmit’s activism continued as he became an active member of the Environmental Quality Council in Malaysia, served as the Regional Coordinator of the Climate Action Network Southeast Asia (CANSEA), and contributed to numerous committees and projects dedicated to improving environmental affairs.

His dedication has earned him recognition and awards, including the Langkawi Award in 1993 for his advocacy of environmental issues, the Outstanding Sustainability Contribution Award in 2009 from the Institution of Surveyors, Malaysia, the UN Malaysia Award in 2013, and the Green Catalysts Award in 2015 from Green Technology Corporation Malaysia.

Reflecting on his career, Gurmit cherishes some of his most memorable moments. These include witnessing the growth of energy conservation and renewable energy in the country, the cancellation of the Tembeling Dam project, the increased regularity of Environmental Impact Assessments, the success of CETDEM’s organic farming initiative, and the operation of an energy-efficient and cool terrace house in SS2, Petaling Jaya. Despite being 75 years old, Gurmit Singh remains unwavering in his commitment to Mother Nature. He continues to chair the Board of Directors for CETDEM and serves in various advisory roles.

Making an impact is transforming public perception and seeing positive change in the environment.

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