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Ellisha Othman

As a trained psychologist in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Adlerian Psychology, Ellisha Othman explored the corporate finance realm before making the switch to a clinical psychologist. While completing her undergraduate studies in Australia, her experience overseas made Ellisha realise the lack of mental health resources in Malaysia. As a mental health advocate, she was determined to make a change. Elisha felt convicted to pursue a career as a clinical psychologist. Today, she’s a clinical psychologist and the managing director at Thrive Well, a trauma-informed community mental health social enterprise.

As the Managing Director of Thrive Well, she leads the organisation to provide sustainable and accessible trauma-informed mental health research, advocacy, consulting, community development and clinical services to serve the organisations and communities in need. She has also extended her services to other organisations providing mental health consultancy and services focusing on workplace well-being strategy.

Currently, she’s the Vice President of the recently formed National Alliance of Mental Health. While juggling her career as a clinical psychologist, Ellisha is active in various mental health and advocacy groups and advises universities on trauma-informed mental health curriculum and practices.

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Impact is when we successfully include the social determinants of mental health such as health, education, and occupation in the delivery of all mental health services that will ultimately improve the individual, family, community and organisational resilience and quality of life.

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