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Dr Yasmin Rasyid

Dr Yasmin Rasyid is a marine biologist by profession, she started her journey as an environmentalist in 1998 by volunteering at WWF-Malaysia. That first step resulted in her being part of the organisation as a science officer between 1997 to 2002 and was responsible for its outreach programmes.

Despite multiple paper publications, Malaysia lacks environmental audio materials. Recognising the gap, EcoKnights was established in 2005 producing audiovisual materials to generate more awareness of environmental issues in the country.

Through their dedication, the organisation planted 510 trees in degraded areas, cleaned three polluted urban rivers, engaged with 43 corporates and 115 stakeholders, and removed almost 10 tons of waste, among many other achievements the planet benefits.

The International Kuala Lumpur Eco Festival (KLEF), initiated in 2008, is Yasmin’s brainchild to reach more Malaysians through screening environmental-focused films and programmes.

Yasmin also founded PopTani, a social enterprise making urban farming mainstream in Malaysia and Asia. PopTani offers different-sized Aquaponics kits for growing organic herbs, fruits and vegetables making home farming more accessible. Yasmin is the recipient of the 2022 Prestige Women For Power award and the BrandLaureate CSR Leadership Awards 2018. EcoKnights earned the NGO Leadership Award during The Golden Globe Tiger Awards 2019.

For more info on EcoKnights, click here.

Impact means making a positive change, be it in society, or for an industry. Impact, to me, means a positive and continuous state of advancement for the betterment of all.

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