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Dr Tiffanie Ong

Dr Tiffanie Ong is the Chief Product Officer at Naluri, a digital health service provider that offers person-centered care for individuals at risk of or managing chronic or mental health conditions.

As a passionate and pragmatic leader, Dr Ong has spearheaded the development of Naluri’s Health Coaching curriculum, aimed at helping individuals in need achieve their health goals and lead healthier lives. Through her efforts, she has expanded the company’s health coaching capabilities to serve over 300,000 members across six countries. Additionally, she leads the company’s research initiatives and clinical trials in areas such as chronic disease, mental health, behavioral science, and data science.

Before joining Naluri, Dr Ong worked as a consultant at A.T. Kearney and Accenture, focusing on large-scale operating model transformations, growth strategies, and the development of digital roadmaps and cultures. She holds a Ph.D. in Cognitive, Perceptual, and Brain Sciences from University College London, UK, with specialization in the psychology of motivation, face perception, and social hierarchy. In recognition of her achievements, she was named one of the Top 25 Global Women Leaders in Consumer HealthTech for 2022.

To me, “making an impact” means valuing sustainable change through ongoing, small actions that create a ripple effect, rather than chasing isolated, large-scale achievements. It’s about understanding how our daily actions can profoundly influence others, fostering a continuous journey of collective effort for meaningful and lasting transformations that endure and benefit communities long after the initial impact has been made.

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