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Dr Sharmini Julita Paramasivam

Dr Sharmini Julita Paramasivam is a veterinary surgeon and Associate Professor at the Surrey School of Veterinary Medicine in the UK. She is also the founder and project lead of the Animal Neighbours Project that is based in Malaysia.

Animal Neighbours Project was established in 2015 and works with communities to reduce negative interactions with wildlife using research, education and advocacy. Sharmini’s aim is for urban communities to coexist peacefully with wildlife. She uses her expertise in animal behaviour and welfare to study and find solutions to human animal conflict.

Sharmini has previously worked as a wildlife veterinarian in a primate rescue centre in Indonesia where she fell in love with monkeys, specifically macaques, which sparked her passion to work in primate conservation.

When not working with animals, Sharmini likes painting, gardening and finding speakeasy cocktail bars to ensure a work life balance.

To me making an impact means persevering till there is change. I also think making an impact means I have helped improve the welfare of both people and wildlife. Furthermore, making an impact means I have carved opportunities for other Malaysians to get involved and be skilfully trained in wildlife conservation.

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