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Dr Khai Aziz

Dr. Khai Aziz is the President of Drug-Free Malaysia and the visionary founder of the Straight Edge and Drug-Free Movement in Malaysia, where he plays a crucial role in advancing a healthier, substance-free society. Beyond his impactful work in social advocacy, Khai’s leadership extends into the vibrant world of music and entertainment, as attested by the Music and Entertainment Award awarded by Selangor’s Prince. In addition to these roles, he also dedicates his expertise as a talent manager at SKOWT music apps, where he nurtures and supports emerging artists within the music industry.

Since 2010, Khai has been actively involved in the “Young Heroes” school programs, impacting more than 350 schools and reaching out to 500,000 children. This initiative is designed to impart a Positive Mental Attitude and provide valuable education to young minds.

Khai is also a board member of Yayasan Kartika Sri Tun Ghafar Baba. In recognition of his exceptional dedication to social welfare, Khai has received accolades such as an Honorary Doctorate of Social Work from the Royal British University of India and the prestigious PJK service award from the Sultan of Selangor.

Making an impact means using your passion for music and activism to educate people, help them make informed decisions, and avoid potentially life-altering mistakes.

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