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Dr Achier Chung

Dr. Achier Chung is a distinguished Lead Marine Biologist/Advisor at Reef Guardian Sdn Bhd, where she manages the Sugud Islands Marine Conservation Area in Sandakan, Sabah. With 19 years of dedication to marine conservation, education, and research, Dr. Chung has been a driving force in the field.

Her journey with Reef Guardian began in 2004, focusing on reducing human impact on the marine environment by regulating tourism activities and combating illegal fishing practices. She has forged partnerships with local and international organisations to improve marine resource management.

Under her guidance, the Sugud Islands Marine Conservation Area achieved the first IUCN Green List certification in Malaysia in 2022, making it the first marine park in the Coral Triangle Region to earn this recognition. She is a member of the IUCN SSC Marine Turtle Specialist Group and the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas.

Dr Chung’s leadership extends to enforcement efforts, working closely with local agencies and communities to combat illegal practices like dynamite and sodium cyanide fishing. Her passion and contributions earned her the first Malaysia SeaKeepers award from the International SeaKeepers Society in 2019.

For me, making an impact signifies passionately embracing our actions to the extent that they generate a powerful resonance, inspiring others to pursue what they believe and are passionate about.

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