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Dennis Lee

Dennis Lee, a seasoned actor, singer, and tech entrepreneur, boasts a wealth of experience in the performing arts.

His journey in the world of performance began in 2013 when he joined the Monday Show School of Musical Theatre. Since then, Dennis has taken on various roles in the performing arts industry, serving as a performer, director, producer, and advocate. He has actively critiqued online media, played a pivotal role in promoting and nurturing the performing arts scene in Malaysia, and lent his talents to numerous productions, including notable works like “A Streetcar Named Desire,” “Avenue Q,” and “Fame the Musical.” Dennis’s remarkable dedication to the arts has earned him prestigious accolades such as the Mercedes-Benz Award for Creative Excellence and the Best Supporting Actor Award at Short+Sweet Malaysia.

In the realm of technology and entrepreneurship, Dennis co-founded CloudJoi, an innovative digital ticketing and streaming platform. CloudJoi has redefined the theatre experience, providing audiences with a unique and immersive journey into the world of the arts. The platform’s mission is to cultivate a thriving ecosystem for the performing arts by fostering connections within the community and expanding their reach to enthusiastic individuals passionate about all facets of live entertainment and the performing arts.

Dennis’s forward-thinking approach has effectively bridged the gap between theatre and technology, revolutionizing the arts ecosystem. Through his efforts, he has established a profound connection between audiences and the arts, creating an unparalleled experience that enriches the world of live entertainment.

Making an impact to me means leaving a lasting positive influence through my artistic and tech ventures. Whether through my performances or through CloudJoi, I aim to inspire emotions and contribute to a sustainable performing arts industry in Malaysia, akin to Broadway’s vibrancy.

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