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Dato’ Lawrence Low

As an established young entrepreneur, Dato’ Lawrence is dedicated to championing the cause of Malaysian youths by bridging the divide among them through an educational focus. He possesses extensive experience in the field of Government Relations, having initiated and managed a national-level youth empowerment organization, and has a background in learning, education, training, and innovation. These accomplishments have refined his leadership skills and enhanced his business acumen and analytical abilities, among others.

Dato’ Lawrence is the founding president of MyPerintis, a youth development platform with a mission to nurture Malaysian youths into productive, responsible, and compassionate trailblazers who excel in all aspects of life.

In 2015, Dato’ Lawrence identified a gap. Despite the introduction of GST, awareness campaigns were primarily directed at companies, neglecting the youths who were also required to pay GST. This prompted him to launch his first leadership program, ‘What Malaysian Youths Should Know,’ at MaGic in April 2015. Subsequently, this initiative expanded to include more programs such as the Youth Trailblazers Challenge, Unconventional Financial Literacy, WMYSK Road Safety Training for Youth, and more. Since then, MyPerintis has engaged with over 12,000 youths across the country.

I consistently believe that the size of the impact does not matter. Whether it’s big or small, any impact is significant to me. A smile to just one child holds the same value to me as a smile to a hundred children.

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