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Datin Wira Goh Suet Lan

Datin Wira Goh Suet Lan (Suets) is a passionate advocate for women’s empowerment, dedicating 30 years of her life to volunteering and making a positive impact on women and their families facing adversity in various countries. In 2016, she played a pivotal role in establishing Women Of Will (WoW), an NGO committed to empowering women and communities in Malaysia.

As the President of Women Of Will, Suets leads programs that empower women living in poverty, both in rural and urban areas. Her focus lies in fostering self-sustaining businesses and financial independence among women. She firmly believes in initiating change at the grassroots level and has worked diligently with her team to nurture community leaders and community-based businesses. Through her efforts, she has created pathways to enhance women’s access to economic resources and opportunities.

Her commitment to lifelong learning is evident in her training in Early Childhood Development, Positive Psychology, and Leadership Development. These skills complement her mission to drive positive change for underserved women, their families, and their communities.

Women empowerment is not limited to herself but is an extension of her children, family, and community. The development of self-sustainability, self-worth and control over her own life is intrinsic to shifting the opportunities, capabilities and abilities of those around her for the present and the future.

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