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Daniel Teoh

In the midst of completing a project as a student, Daniel Teoh discovered and became deeply inspired by the Orang Asli (OA) community, back in 2018. As a passionate advocate for integrating business with social good, he left his training as a civil engineer and devoted his early career to building partnerships with local communities.

Daniel is the founder of Native Discovery, a social enterprise which supports indigenous communities in Malaysia by building their economic capacity and sharing their stories through sustainable tourism.

Through his work, he has worked with multiple local indigenous communities in hosting hundreds of guests from all over the world to experience Malaysia in a new way: as both celebrated guests and thoughtful contributors. Deeply curious and fervent that the biggest beneficiary of his work is himself, Daniel is determined to live life as one big adventure and bring as many people along with him.

For more info on Native Discovery, click here.

Impact manifests itself in many forms and that’s what’s so beautiful about it – because it means we all can make an impact in our own way! Making an impact to me means doing things that improve the lives of all the beings that we share the world with. As long as you’re serving this universal interest, you can be sure you’re living well.

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