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Cindy Chew Mei Lien

Cindy Chew is the Director of Community Development at Thrive Well, where she oversees community mental health programs focused on enhancing mental health literacy, reducing stigma, and nurturing mental health ambassadors within communities. She holds certifications as a Transformative Coach from Coach Masters Academy and as an HRDC/PSMB TTT Certified Trainer.

With a background in Mathematics and Economics from the London School of Economics, Cindy spent seven years working as an economist at Bank Negara Malaysia before transitioning into her current role. At Thrive Well, she contributes to social policy and development, necessitating a comprehensive understanding of both individual and community dynamics and involving collaboration with various stakeholders.

As a dedicated mindfulness practitioner and facilitator, Cindy is enthusiastic about creating a supportive environment for people from all walks of life to explore their potential and embrace self-discovery. She frequently conducts mindfulness-based training for diverse audiences, including youths, adults, corporate sectors, NGOs, and the general public.

Cindy has also shared her insights and experiences in community mental health work on various platforms, including appearances on BFM Business Radio Station, participating in Youth Policy Case Competition, and her involvement in the Selangor State Panel Discussion series.

Making an impact means doing the best I can with the best interests of others at heart and making a difference in their lives. Personally, I aspire to provide a safe space for people to discover themselves and break free from the barriers that hold them back.

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