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Chun Xing Wong

From a conservation officer to its president, Chun Xing Wong has been with 1StopBorneo Wildlife since 2016. 1StopBorneo Wildlife was founded in 2012 with the aim to conserve Malaysia’s rainforests by specialising in the 4Es- Education, Enforcement, Enrichment of Habitat, and Economy.

Chun Xing grew up in Sabah where nature played a heavy influence, shaping him into the person he is today. He majored in Biogeography and credits his university lessons for his deepened appreciation of nature. Curious and eager to do more for wildlife, he began working at 1StopBorneo Wildlife. Throughout his time at 1StopBorneo Wildlife, Chun Xing has been involved in several wildlife conservation projects in project sites across Borneo – wildlife corridor reforestation projects, wildlife surveys, local wildlife educational programs, sustainable conservation tourism development and wildlife awareness campaigns. 

To heighten the awareness about wildlife, 1StopBorneo Wildlife also organises movie nights to showcase nature documentaries. There’s also a monthly nature book club and they even organise school workshops which place an emphasis on interactive activities. It is without a doubt that 1StopBorneo Wildlife is committed to its cause of teaching us all how we can love and appreciate the wonders of wildlife and nature. 

You may not get much money or recognition from helping wildlife and the environment. However, society will one day feel the benefits from the nature you have saved. And that to me is the true IMPACT!

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