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Chin Poh Choo

With a background in social sciences, Chin Poh Choo joined Good Shepherd Services, an NGO that provides services and support for children, women and the youth in need.

Since her involvement as a director of Good Shepherd Services in 2008, she has brought the organisation to new heights by implementing innovative solutions for problems in the community. Her role evolved to Executive Director of Good Shepherd Services in 2016. She helms the conceptualisation and development of projects at the organisation with the help of team members, funding partners and local communities.

Notable projects under her guidance include Everything Pineapple. In a project that took shape after the Sabah earthquake in 2015, 64 women were part of the journey that started as trauma recovery. Now, it has grown into a social enterprise with sister projects, Everything Tambunan centring ginger-based products and Women In Social Enterprise (WISE).

The ongoing WISE programme has generated a 20-80% increase in income for the ten women participants. At the same time, the Good Shepherd Education Fund was launched in 2021 and currently benefiting 210 children in Sabah and Ipoh, Perak.

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