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Chef Dave

Chef Dave is a Vegan Chef dedicated to veganizing traditional Malaysian cuisine, aiming to demonstrate that adopting a vegan lifestyle is more accessible than one might think.

In 2021, he established D’Vegan Academy, the first Malaysian Plant-Based Cuisine Academy, with the goal of educating and assisting Malaysian home cooks in acquiring knowledge and skills related to Malaysian plant-based cuisine. He has since successfully conducted over a hundred online classes and workshops. Additionally, he founded ChefDave VeganJourney, a social enterprise committed to advocating the Vegan lifestyle and Animal Rights through social media content on Vegan food, life, and travel. Furthermore, he was a founding member of the Plant-Based Healthy Alliance, a Malaysian social enterprise dedicated to facilitating the transition to a plant-based diet to improve people’s health.

Before these endeavors, Dave garnered a decade of experience working with esteemed companies in the industry, including Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, and the Disney Cruise Line. In 2020, he embraced a Vegan lifestyle in solidarity with animals and subsequently emerged as an influential advocate for plant-based living in Malaysia.

Simultaneously, Chef Dave disseminates his message of veganism through livestreams, pre-recorded videos, ambassador programs, training, and classes offered to fellow Malaysians. He boasts a following of 2.1 million across all his social media platforms.

Making an impact, to me, means witnessing people being inspired and transformed by what I do, even if it’s just one person.

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