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Chandra Arjun

Chandra has always had a deep affection for the seaside and rivers, but he now recognises that some of his past actions have been harmful to nature. Fueled by this newfound awareness, he is determined to help others awaken to the same environmental consciousness. This led him to establish Cuci Malaysia, the ideal starting point for his mission.

Cuci Malaysia was established in November 2021 with a clear objective: to tackle littering and raise awareness about the ongoing environmental damage caused by it in Malaysia. Since its inception, the organisation has flourished, boasting a volunteer base of over 2000 individuals and collaborating with municipalities and NGOs nationwide. Their activities encompass weekly clean-up efforts at beaches, lakes, rivers, and even in urban gutters. Notably, during the December 2021 flood, where over 400 houses were cleaned up in just two weeks, it became painfully evident how trash had crippled waterways, leading to the devastation of entire cities.

Prior to his involvement with Cuci Malaysia, Chandra dedicated his time as a cloud developer volunteering with other NGOs, specialising in addressing food waste and e-waste issues. Through this experience, he gained insights into the lives of ordinary people who generously extend their support to those less fortunate. Together with Cuci Malaysia, Chandra’s vision is to advocate for awareness surrounding the principles of reduce, reuse, recycle, and effective downstream waste management. He aspires to cultivate a community dedicated to the well-being of their cities, making them cleaner and more habitable for all community members.

To make an impact, we need to change. Some of us aren’t aware of what needs to be changed. So, let’s learn together.

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