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Chan Soon Seng

Chan Soon Seng joined the inaugural Teach For Malaysia (TFM) Cohort in 2012 after quitting corporate. In the back of his mind, Soon Seng thought it would be a two-year stint at the independent, not-for-profit organisation with a vision to see a quality education accessible and available for all in Malaysia.

However, like many other TFM fellows and alumni, the experience changed him. Inspired and driven to change after seeing the challenges faced by the students, Soon Seng continued as a staff member at Teach For Malaysia for six years.

He is the current Chief Executive Offer (CEO) of TFM and he envisions the holistic development of children through education in order for them to thrive in the 21st century. He is also committed to addressing the inequalities of students from low-income households by providing laptops and free online lessons.

Soon Seng holds a Degree in Management and Marketing from Murdoch University, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education from Universiti Utara Malaysia and he was appointed a member of the Teacher Professionalism Special Task Force under the National Education Advisory Council 2018-2020. He was also a recipient of the Malaysian Australian Alumni Council’s Community Achievement Award in 2021 and listed on Tatler’s Asia’s Most Influential list.

TFM recently won the 2022 Merdeka Award for its outstanding contribution to education

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To me, making an impact is when we enable others to shape a better future for themselves – in order to live lives that they truly love. In order to make a meaningful, lasting impact, I believe that we need to prioritise our relationships with those we serve, and work collectively. We cannot truly move forward as a society unless we move together.

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