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Celine Lim

Celine Lim, a member of the Kayan tribe from Long Pilah, was formerly an educator for eight years. Being an indigenous woman, Celine is well-versed with the struggles of her community, especially in regard to land rights, cultural identity and the diminishing way of life of the indigenous community.

Since 2019, Celine is the managing director at SAVE Rivers, a Miri-based CSO that advocates for indigenous people’s rights and environmental issues. SAVE Rivers have joined hands with different NGOs and government bodies to address the plights of Baram communities. Current projects include the Baram Heritage Survey, an initiative to document wildlife, land use and social data at Baram River Basin. 

Celine feels a great sense of responsibility to raise awareness among the public and local community on the importance of conserving the environment because of her love for nature and her people. Her current contribution at SAVE Rivers may only scratch the surface but she hopes that her presence in the space would encourage more marginalised communities to participate and make decisions that affect their lives and communities. 

Impact is when real changes happen that include marginalised and discriminated voices building towards a reality of equal opportunity and treatment. A reality that is not based on race, gender or economic background but on the character and capability of the individual.

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