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Beatrice Leong

After a lifetime of grappling with mental health challenges and faced with multiple misdiagnosis, Beatrice Leong was diagnosed with autism at the age of 35. This diagnosis and realisation brought about a profound clarity to the lifelong struggles she had endured in trying to understand who she is as a human.

As a late-diagnosed autistic woman, Beatrice possesses a unique perspective and firsthand experience, allowing her to empathise with the complex challenges faced by girls and women seeking diagnosis and support. This experience had led Beatrice to be a founder of an autistic-led advocacy group, AIDA (Autism Inclusiveness Direct Action Group) to further champion inclusion and self-representation of the autistic community within the society, and lobbying autistics as an active participant in making policies that shape their lives.

A filmmaker and a social entrepreneur, Beatrice is driven by her insatiable curiosity and passion for new experiences and stories. An open book about her experiences, she now dedicates her life to reframing our understanding of autism, particularly in girls and women. She envisions a society that embraces differences and advocates for meaningful participation and inclusion of autistic individuals across all levels of society.

Making an impact is often seen as doing something big and grand, like landing a rocket on the moon, but I believe that the most meaningful impact we can make is in the small, everyday moments. For me, that means reminding each autistic girl growing up that she is enough, that she is complete, and that she is not broken. I want to help create a world where autistic girls feel seen, heard, and accepted for who they are and to leave behind a better world for girls who come after me.

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