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Awaludin Jalalus Shuti

Awaludin Jalalus Shuti grew up in Chow Kit, seeing how the youth in the area fall into social ills. Years later, he decided to change the lives of Chow Kit’s teenagers, giving them newfound hope and purpose through Chow Kit Youth (CKY). CKY aims to break negative stereotypes imposed on the youth community.

CKY provides youth with a safe space and emphasises talent development, environmental activities, community engagement and volunteering. While leading CKY, Awaludin volunteered his talents for Yayasan Chow Kit’s productions.

One of the musicals, ‘Theater Lorong: The Musical’, received the Silver Award Winner Polytechnic Student Excellence Award Malaysia 2013 and the ‘ Theater Lorong Pemimpi’ by Chow Kit Youth (HOPE Award Winners 2015 by MyHarapan).

Recently, Awaludin and his team managed to raise RM 10,000 for Yayasan Chow Kit’s new education centre in an effort to create larger safe havens’ for many more children in the vicinity. His passion has changed the once negative narrative that existed in Chow Kit.

Actions that improve one’s life (any living being’s life) even if it is only 1% ,it is much better than doing nothing.

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