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Asrin Utong

Asrin is a field analyst for security issues, migrants, refugees, undocumented and socio-political issues in Sabah. He is experienced in non-governmental organisation (NGO) involving human rights issues, especially statehood in Sabah, for more than 8 years.

Prior to that, Asrin was the founder of Buku Jalanan Bachok Kelantan and Free Reading Sandakan which is a book and art movement with street concept. From there, he became a part-time writer on various portals such as Neon Terbit, Tumbuh, Nadi Mahasiswa Malaysia, The Malaysian Insider, Panjialam Monograph, Selangor Kini and journal Svara.

In October 2018. Asrin published his first book entitled ‘Muda & Derhaka’, with Gerakbudaya. ‘Muda & Derhaka’ is a compilation of essays and articles related to politics, social criticism, education and society. Asrin’s interest lies also in poetry, and he has produced many fanzines of poetry that revolve around life, emotional struggles, nature and spiritual experiences.

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