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Arissa Jemaima Ikram

Arissa Jemaima Ikram, who has over three years of experience in humanitarian and fieldwork, saw that there is more to be done in the health scene for the marginalised communities in Malaysia. In 2021, Doctors on Ground (DnG), came into the scene. The organisation may be a newcomer but it has assisted in medical funding and medical aid to over 700 families across eight states in Malaysia.

Keep an eye out for what Arissa has in store as the recent Law graduate aspires to redesign the future of healthcare for marginalised communities.

For more info on Doctors on Ground (DnG), click here.

Impact is to engage in solutions that are identified, implemented and sustained by communities. It is to encourage stronger governance among themselves, but also decrease dependency on external aid – that’s how I would define impact, and it is how I have designed DnG to develop its programmes and other initiatives.

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