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Ann Wong Shih En

Ann is a passionate leader and entrepreneur who is highly driven by her core values of creativity and empowerment. With her extensive background and global experience in graphic design, she understands what it takes to create designs that appeal to the urbanites.

Today, as the co-founder of the Penan Women Project, Ann uses her skills and talent to create life-changing moments and foster greater conscience across humanity—a project that aims to economically empower the women of the Penan tribe while preserving the rich traditional art of weaving.

The Penan Women Project started as a non-profit social enterprise with a goal to set up a platform that creates high-quality artisanal crafted products from Sarawak in October 2015. The project has led Ann to meet and interact with many Penan women who inspired her to share her experience and empower the tribal women through cultural entrepreneurship, helping them grow, improve their lives and unleash their potential.

With an entrepreneurial spirit and a knack for creativity and innovation, Ann manages the company, its products, and a team of highly skilled weavers. In addition to that, she remains committed to the welfare of the Penan people—raising awareness and amplifying the voice of the Penan people through cultural entrepreneurship.

Making an impact through the Penan Women Project extends beyond benefiting the Penan women in rural areas; it also serves as an inspiration for other women to start similar businesses, utilising the weaving skills of Penan artisans. This ripple effect ensures that more Penan ladies in remote areas receive the opportunities they rightfully deserve.

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