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Andy Koh Chun Hoh

Andy Koh Chun Hoh has been harnessing technology to promote change. One such example is a pet adoption platform initiated after rescuing a pup, Chanelle, in 2008. At that time, with no social media to help, he relied on newspaper classifieds to put up pet adoption. A month after Chanelle was adopted, Andy built the site by taking pictures of dogs in shelters and putting up profiles on The site continues to grow as a platform that gathers pet-loving communities to help thousands of animals.

Since 2008, has found new families for over 61,000 stray animals, with 22,000 pets available for adoption. His continued love and compassion for doing his part for the environment landed him to create in 2014. is a site that collaborates with restaurants to encourage a meat-free lifestyle, saving farm animals, the environment, health and money.

But his journey to better animal welfare and wildlife conservation doesn’t end there, Andy is continuously embarking on and crafting innovations to assist global non-profit organisations.

I consider impact from both quantitative and qualitative aspects — how many human and animal lives directly benefit from our platforms; and more importantly, how much happiness, compassion and altruism we can help nurture within the society, which are fundamental ingredients for peace and harmony.

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