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Amy Wong

Since 2020, animal lover Amy Wong has been the social media manager for My Forever Doggo (MFD). She holds a Degree in Economics having graduated from UNIMAS, Sarawak. MFD is a shelter-neutral and free service platform, operating to help dogs find forever homes. MFD was conceptualised after discovering shelters and independent rescuers suffered both from low adoption rates and the resources needed for adoption.

MFD photographs the cute furry friends and proceeds to post their pictures on social media, where those interested to adopt are connected with respective shelters. As social media is MFD’s number one used platform to get the word out, Amy carries the responsibility of ensuring their social media is at its best. What started out as an internship turned into a full-time career for Amy. Her love for dogs ignites the passion for her work. MFD has helped numerous stray dogs find forever homes and also makes it a point to check up on all successful adoptions.

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Making an impact simply means making a positive change in something, or someone’s life, for a better future. To me, it means consciously advocating for kindness and love towards our homeless dogs with like-minded individuals as we strive to create a safe space while encouraging others to learn to live harmoniously with the dogs, or any other animals for that matter. It also means that by the end of any of our (like-minded individuals and I) lives here, we know we have done our best and have left the dogs in a much kinder world than the one we came into.

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