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Aliya Ashiqin

Aliya Ashiqin is a co-founder of StandUp Malaysia, who embarked on a journey to find purpose in life and make a difference in society. She pursued her academic interests by studying Politics and Government Studies at the University Malaysia Sarawak, where she volunteered for human rights activities and developed her interest in that field.

Aliya recognizes that change can begin with small steps. Therefore, along with her co-founder Rheanne, Aliya established StandUp Malaysia, a platform dedicated to effecting positive change in 2018. Their approach involves using social media to raise awareness and spark conversations about women’s issues, especially on sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV). Concurrently, Aliya was also influenced by the #MeToo movement, where women began to speak up against any violations inflicted upon them.

Driven by her dedication to human rights and the pursuit of justice, Aliya furthered her education by pursuing a second degree in Legal Studies at Universiti Teknologi Mara. Her intention was to deepen her knowledge of the law, particularly in the context of human rights.

Currently, Aliya works as a full-time Senior Research Analyst while also dedicating her time to her three feline companions and volunteering with StandUp Malaysia. In this capacity, she oversees various activities and training programs aimed at educating the younger generation about the critical issues surrounding SGBV.

Making an impact to means making both big and small positive contributions regardless of where they lead, in pursuit of lasting change toward a better world for all.

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