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Albert Wong Tuong Chui

Albert Wong Tuong Chui’s appointment as the first deaf Chairman of the Sarawak Society for the Deaf marked a groundbreaking moment. With 15 years of experience as a Deaf Teacher at a Primary Deaf School and a Master of Education degree, he has been a tireless advocate for the empowerment of the deaf community.

In his daily life, Albert, who has four hearing children and a deaf wife, communicates using Malaysian Sign Language (BIM). His organisation, founded on the values of courage, confidence, and character, has positively impacted the lives of thousands through various Deaf-led programs and activities over the span of two decades.

As part of his commitment to empowering the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing, Albert actively champions the development of Malaysian Sign Language (BIM) in Deaf Education and the BIM Interpreting service industry. He believes BIM plays a pivotal role in providing the deaf a broader access to early childhood education and empowering them to become independent and confident. His leadership, which prioritises equality and empowerment, has served as an inspiration for countless deaf individuals to pursue their dreams without hesitation.

Under Albert’s guidance, numerous Deaf NGOs in Sarawak, Malaysia, and abroad have thrived, becoming beacons of hope and symbols of progress within the deaf community.

Making an impact is making little differences that will create big impacts in life.

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