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Aishwaryaa Gobi

Aishwaryaa is the Outreach Lead at MPact Lab, an organisation focused on empowering young individuals to drive social impact in their local communities. She played a key role in the success of the MPower F&B program, an eight-week program, contributing to a 207% increase in revenue for F&B businesses during the pandemic.

Her university years were marked by forming partnerships for student mental health advocacy and engaging in international exchange projects in Japan, leading to positive transformations in local communities. She is passionate about making a meaningful difference through volunteer work and embraces life as an adventure to create lasting change in people’s lives and the world .She embraces life as one grand adventure, always seeking opportunities to create profound change and leave a lasting mark on individuals and the world.

Making an impact is not merely a learned skill but a heartfelt endeavour, stemming from a genuine desire within. It involves empowering others to enhance their lives and initiating a ripple effect of positive change that extends well beyond the initial action. It’s about striving to make each day better than the last, fostering a deep commitment to ensure that every day contributes to a brighter tomorrow.

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