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Agnes Peter

In 2006, Agnes Peter co-founded RC Deaf Missions Malaysia alongside her brother, Mario Peter. Although not part of the deaf community, her passion to help those with hearing disabilities led to the launch of RC. With a heart and a longing to serve the deaf community, she established RC Deaf Missions Malaysia as a gateway for Malaysia’s deaf community. By doing so, the deaf is able to make a living without restrictions. Agnes is also a big advocate of the deaf community, and for persons with disabilities.

She has 30 years of service as a Malaysian Sign Language (BIM) interpreter and holds a Diploma in a BIM Interpreting programme. She continues to raise awareness about the deaf community and has also launched Malaysian Sign Language (BIM) classes for anyone interested. To Agnes, learning sign language is not only for the deaf.

In 2018, she proceeded to launch RCDM Cafe, where deaf staff are welcomed to make a living. They provide their deaf staff with quantities of career opportunities, such as business co-op management, skill and leadership development, deaf mentoring and role modelling.

For more info on RC Deaf Missions Malaysia, click here.

Making an impact means being an agent that influences change for the better in society. For me, making an impact has taken several years in the area of Deaf Advocacy and Deaf empowerment. It’s not the immediate result of an action I look for. It’s what comes after. Making an impact takes time – like a crucible process. Since impact is life-changing, you have to be consistent in what you do if it’s something you clearly hold dear to, giving space and a voice to the minority community, and inviting hearing people at large to be part of this cause. If you want to make an impact for the betterment and service of others, then – I quote Gandhi’s words – be the change you wish to see in this world.

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