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Adam Farhan

Adam Farhan is the co-founder of RimbaWatch (formerly known as the Rimba Disclosure Project), a platform dedicated to raising awareness about deforestation in Malaysia. RimbaWatch gained significant recognition following its exposé on the secretive deforestation of 11,000 hectares of forest for a dam project in Ulu Tembeling, Pahang, which has since been cancelled. The organisation has evolved into a climate watchdog, actively monitoring forests, bringing to light environmental and social concerns, and holding both governmental bodies and companies accountable for their actions. Adam’s work with RimbaWatch has attracted the attention of local and international news agencies, ministers, banks, and trade organisations.

Currently, Adam is involved in the Forest and Carbon Tracker initiative with RimbaWatch, which aims to display deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions projects in Malaysia on an interactive map accessible to the public. He intends to use this information to advocate for a Nature, Climate, and Socially-Positive transition, holding companies accountable for greenwashing and promoting the transition from fossil fuels in Malaysia. He is currently pursuing his Masters in Environmental Governance at Oxford.

Within the context of climate activism, making a “real” impact means tackling the “real” problem head-on. This means that if a particular fossil fuel company, state elite, or logging company is harming communities and destroying the environment, we need to explicitly and strongly call them out. We cannot stay silent – our only way out of the climate crisis is to hold these corrupt actors to account to the point where they can no longer continue their harmful activities.

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