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Climate Change Through The Eyes Of The Poor

Climate change is often associated with environmental problems yet how this affects people’s livelihoods are also interesting to uncover. Fundamentally, one’s financial stability can be influenced by drastic weather changes or the occurrence of extreme weather conditions.

Studies across the globe have explored the possible relationship between climate change and poverty, concluding that the most vulnerable communities are often those from lower-income backgrounds. Taking into account their geographic location, occupation, livelihood and other factors leaving them at risk, poor people are much more vulnerable to climate-related shocks and multidimensional poverty.

In Malaysia, many low-income communities struggle with the effects of climate change. Each disaster affects hundreds of Malaysians, disrupting their livelihoods. In two decades between 1998 – 2018, the nation has experienced 51 natural disaster events. This paper aims to conduct a brief analysis on the relationship between the impact of climate change on Malaysia’s poor – the effects of each climate change-related natural disaster, and its impact on poor communities using the Multidimensional Poverty Index.

Slides prepared by: Choo Tsin Hui

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