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How Malaysia's Biggest Public Companies Give Back To Society?

What Is This Top 20 List About?

The ‘Bursa Top 20: Who’s The Most Charitable?’ offers a unique glimpse into the extent of corporate giving by the 20 highest-earning companies listed on Malaysia’s stock exchange in 2022. Find out who’s the biggest giver. 

All information on this site is obtained through publicly available annual and sustainability reports from respective companies. Click on the company name to view their giving in detail.

Top 20 Earners & Their Giving

Company NameIndustryFY2022 Net Profit (RM billion)Percentage of Cash Giving to ProfitPercentage of In-kind Giving to ProfitTotal Cash Giving (RM million)In-kind givingEmployee Volunteer Hours (hrs)
MaybankMalayan Banking BerhadFinancial Services8.230.46% N/A37.80Impacted 360,000 households14,709
petronas chemicalPetronas Chemicals Group BerhadIndustrial Product6.32 N/A N/A N/AImpacted more than 213,000 beneficiaries1,683
Public Bank BerhadFinancial Services6.110.01%0.00%0.32Contributions worth RM0.21M732
CIMB Group Holdings BerhadFinancial Services5.440.63% N/A34.40Impacted 300,000 lives142,914
Tenaga Nasional BerhadUtilities3.460.35%4.44%12.20Contributions worth RM153.71M N/A
Hong Leong Bank BerhadFinancial Services3.290.00%0.01%0.12Contributions worth RM0.30M N/A
RHB Bank BerhadFinancial Services2.700.14% N/A3.92Impacted 13,000 lives N/A
sime darbySime Darby Plantation BerhadPlantation2.86 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Hong Leong Financial Group Berhad
All specified giving in the HLFGB annual report was made via group subsidiaries. The exact cash or in-kind giving made by HLFGB was not reported.
Financial Services2.62 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
pplPPB Group BerhadConsumer Products & Services2.190.01%0.13%0.22Contributions worth RM2.96M421
Kuala Lumpur Kepong BerhadPlantation2.160.03%0.29%0.64Contributions worth RM6.20M N/A
ihhIHH Healthcare BhdHealth Care1.54 N/A0.17% N/AContributions worth RM2.69M N/A
petronasPetronas Gas BerhadUtilities1.640.00%0.01%0.02Contributions worth RM0.10M N/A
ammbAMMB Holdings BhdFinancial Services1.500.09% N/A1.35Impacted 550,286 lives N/A
miscMISC BerhadMaritime Services1.82 N/A1.34%0.00
Contributions worth RM24.43M474
iniIOI Corp BerhadPlantation1.73 N/A3.48% N/AContributions worth RM60.29M N/A
pmetalPress Metal Aluminium Holdings BhdIndustrial Products and Services1.400.44% N/A6.20Impacted 166,391 people3,407
MaxisMaxis BerhadTelecommunications and Media1.180.34% N/A3.96Impacted 73,000 students1,355
tmTelekom Malaysia BerhadTelecommunications and Media1.140.71%1.36%8.10Contributions worth RM15.60M N/A
sime darbySime Darby BerhadConsumer Products & Services1.101.81%N/A20.00MImpacted 40,000 students800

All information are sourced from public annual and/or sustainability reports in year 2022 published by the respective companies. Data was collated and corroborated. Wiki Impact further contacted all companies to seek clarification for specific items. Of the 20 companies, only 2 companies replied and we appreciated the correspondence.

Here’s our methodology.

Last updated: 3 October 2023. 

  • Net profit of Telekom Malaysia Berhad was amended

Date of published: 26 September 2023.

The Giving Landscape Of Malaysia's Top 20 BURSA Companies In 2022

In a rapidly evolving global economic landscape, corporate philanthropy has become an integral facet of modern business. Against this backdrop, ‘Bursa Top 20: Who’s The Most Charitable?’ offers a compelling glimpse into the world of corporate giving by the 20 highest-earning companies listed on Malaysia’s stock exchange in 2022. 

As we navigate the complexities of the contemporary business environment, this initiative serves as a unique endeavour to unravel the trends and practices of corporate philanthropy. By delving into the sustainability and annual reports of these corporations, we embark on a data-driven journey to gain fresh insights into the extent of corporate generosity in Malaysia.

This evidence-based reporting not only sets a new benchmark but also paints an aspirational vision for other companies to emulate or surpass in their charitable efforts. Through both monetary contributions and in-kind support, these Top 20 Bursa companies have demonstrated a profound commitment to corporate social and environmental responsibility, extending their impact to employees, communities, and societies at large. 

Why Is This Necessary?

We hope that it will spark conversations in boardrooms on the need and significance for profit-making companies to contribute in cash. By communicating their giving, we hope to challenge and inspire other companies to give generously and that it will encourage transparency and clarity in reporting. 

Using information from the companies’ public reports dated Y2023, quantitative and qualitative data was systematically and meticulously compiled and corroborated. Where information is unclear and needs further explanation, Wiki Impact reached out to individual companies for answers. A handful of companies responded to our requests and others did not respond. 

Among the findings, while combing through the reports is the lack of uniformity in reporting. Different measures of materiality (what and how much to disclose) and inconsistent giving measures (eg. in-kind donations, giving from the board of directors or cash giving is not adequately defined) were found. This presented some difficulty when comparing and deciphering the level of giving for each company. Nevertheless, these issues present an opportunity and need for a standardised giving framework and consistent and transparent reporting.

A Peek Into The Findings

New Entrants

The top 20 earners on Bursa Malaysia in 2022/23 saw notable changes, with three new companies making their mark based on impressive financial performance. AMMB Holdings Bhd, IHH Healthcare Berhad, and Press Metal Aluminium Holdings earned their spots through strong financial earnings.

Top Cash Givers (Cash Giving To Net Profit)

Sime Darby Berhad distinguished itself again as the biggest cash giver in terms of the cash-to-profit giving ratio at 1.81%. RM20 million of its RM1.10 billion net profit went to charity and other social and environmental initiatives.

Telekom Malaysia Berhad secured the second position among cash contributors, with a cash-to-profit giving ratio of 0.71%. The company allocated RM8.1 million of its RM1.14 billion net profit to charitable endeavours. CIMB Group Holding Berhad came in next with a cash-to-profit ratio of 0.63%, contributing over RM34.4 million in cash donations of their RM5.44 billion net profit.  

Collectively, the Bursa Top 20 companies donated a total of RM129.25 million in cash during the year 2022, as per publicly available data. Notably, this figure represents a decrease compared to the previous year’s total of RM159.69 million, reflecting evolving corporate giving patterns. The average cash-giving-to-net-profit ratio across all 20 companies stands at 0.26%.

For a better perspective on the scale of giving, it is worth looking at top corporate givers in the United States. According to Latona’s, it was found that Gilead Sciences donated the most money in 2019, amounting to $388 million, a total of 2.9% of their pre-tax profit, while Goldman Sachs Group donated 2.5% of their pre-tax profits, a total of $280 million. Both companies were well above the 2% mark in their giving. 

In another part of Asia, India is the first country to make corporate social responsibility (CSR) mandatory and a statutory obligation. Following an amendment made in the Companies Act 2013, companies above a certain size and profitability have to spend 2% of their average net profit over the last three years on CSR initiatives. The CSR spending must be made for social or environmental efforts within the country thereby benefiting the nation and its people.

It is important to note that six of these prominent corporations, namely Petronas Chemicals Group Berhad, IHH Healthcare Berhad, MISC Berhad, IOI Corp Berhad, Sime Darby Plantation Berhad, and Hong Leong Financial Group Berhad, did not specify the monetary amount of their cash donations in their annual or sustainability reports, indicating potential areas for enhanced transparency in their philanthropic reporting.

Top In-Kind Givers (In-Kind Giving To Net Profit)

Aside from cash giving, companies also gave in-kind, in the form of CSR programmes, food, products and services to support causes or beneficiaries. Some companies clearly stated the monetary value of their in-kind giving, while others did not state the monetary value of their in-kind giving. 

Tenaga Nasional Berhad once again emerged as the top in-kind corporate giver,  giving approximately RM153.71 million in-kind, which accounted for 4.44% of the company’s net income. 

IOI Corp Berhad came in second with a contribution of RM60.29 million in in-kind giving, representing 3.48% of its net profit of RM1.73 billion. 

A total of 9 of the 20 companies quantified and recorded their employee volunteer hours, an improvement from just 7 companies last year. This year CIMB Group Holdings Berhad clocked the highest number of volunteer hours at 142,614, an increase from last year’s 67,278 volunteer hours.  

Corporate social responsibility is increasingly being championed from within through volunteer employee participation where corporate professionals contribute their time and expertise to NGOs and grassroots initiatives.

Areas Of Giving & Beneficiaries

The top 20 companies in Malaysia prioritised Education as the primary area for charitable giving, accounting for 33.6% of their contributions. Sponsorship follows at 15.6%, and Welfare at 12.5%, while Sports receives the lowest share at 1.8%.

Contributions to the Education category encompass a wide spectrum of initiatives aimed at promoting education, raising awareness on various societal issues, offering training and upskilling opportunities, as well as providing sponsorship for educational facilities, materials, and other empowering educational endeavours.

Examining the types of beneficiaries, Youth and Community emerge as the top recipients of these generous contributions, with figures of 36.7% and 36.4%, respectively. The next most significant beneficiaries are Disaster Victims and the Environment, both receiving 4.8% of the contributions.

Among the notable organisations and initiatives that have been recipients of support from the Top 20 Bursa companies are Ibupreneur, Institut Jantung Negara (IJN), Komuniti Intervensi Dadah Malaysia (KOMITED Malaysia), Malaysian Aids Foundation (MAF), Mercy Malaysia, and Yayasan Orang Buta Malaysia.

A Chance For Greater Equality And Lasting Legacies

Corporate philanthropy has gained unprecedented significance in recent times. The business landscape is evolving, demanding that companies not only adapt but lead by redefining their priorities. Today’s customers and stakeholders seek brands that align with their values and commit to causes beyond profit.

The top earners bear a profound responsibility to be the foremost contributors. By cultivating a culture of generosity, transformation permeates from the highest echelons of corporate leadership to office cubicles, extending its reach to communities and vulnerable groups.

Through meaningful giving, companies have the extraordinary potential to shape enduring legacies. ‘Bursa Top 20: Who’s The Most Charitable?’ is intended to serve as a wellspring of inspiration and innovative ideas, empowering your company to make a difference through philanthropy.

See Which Bursa Top 20 Company Has Given The Most

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Company Giving

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Why Is This Report Necessary?


Generous and meaningful corporate philanthropy


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Spark discussions on the importance of corporate philanthropy 

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