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How Malaysia's Biggest Public Companies Give Back To Society?

Sime Darby Berhad

With operations in 19 countries and territories, Sime Darby Berhad continues to grow, delivering sustainable value to stakeholders across 4 divisions; Industrial, Motors, Healthcare, Logistic and others. Sime Darby’s sustainability considerations and efforts are centred around four key themes; optimising their environmental and social footprint, engaging in sustainable partnerships, inspiring employees to deliver meaningful change and driving sustainable innovations and technology. One of their sustainability targets is to invest a minimum RM250 million in environment, social and corporate governance (ESG) innovation by 2025.

Fiscal Year-End: 30 June 2022

The net profit of Sime Darby Berhad decreased in FY2022 to RM1.10 billion from RM1.42 billion during the previous financial year.

The year on year net profit growth at Sime Darby Berhad is at -22.60%.

The Group’s dividend payout ratio for the FY2022 is 71% which amounts to RM783 million.

Total cash contributions made by Sime Darby Berhad during FY2022, as found in their annual report, is RM20 million made through Yayasan Sime Darby.

Total in-kind contributions are accounted for under the RM20 million contribution made through community investment.

No employee volunteer hours were reported by Sime Darby Berhad.

Sime Darby Berhad:
Cash, In-Kind and Employee Volunteer Hours

No.ContributionBased on Previous YrCash GivingIn-kind GivingEmployee Volunteer HoursBeneficiaries
1Contribution to Yayasan Sime DarbyRM20.0MN/AN/APublicThe Group maintains a significant commitment to Yayasan Sime Darby (YSD), contributing RM20 million annually, which constitutes approximately 25% of the total yearly contributions received by YSD. These contributions are distributed across various pillars, with 47% allocated to Education, 14% to Environment, 36% to Community and Health, 1% to Sports, and 2% to Arts and Culture, underscoring the diverse areas of support encompassed by the Group's philanthropic endeavors.
2YSD Skill Enrichment programme⬆️N/ABursariesN/AStudentsYSD awarded bursaries under the YSD Skill Enrichment programme to Asnaf students in partnership with The Welding Institute (TWI) to equip them with international certifications in welding, besides providing opportunity for personal development and soft skills to enhance their job marketability,
3Education Sponsorship programmeN/A382 scholarshipsN/A382 scholarsYayasan Sime Darby offered scholarships to 382 deserving individuals under its Education Sponsorship programme.
4CERDIK programmeRM20.3MN/AN/A9,486 students from 74 schoolsYayasan Sime Darby also allocated RM20.3 million towards CERDIK, a programme that aims to provide access to digital learning to students from low-income families, in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance (MOF) of Malaysia, Ministry of Education (MOE) of Malaysia and Yayasan Hasanah. A total of 9,486 students from 74 primary and secondary schools have benefitted from this initiative. CERDIK programme is also supported by volunteering employees from the Sime Darby companies, under the YSD Huluran Kasih employee volunteer programme.
5Perak State Parks Corporation’s anti-poaching effortsN/ATrained 2 ranger teamsN/AOrang Asli/AsalYSD partnered with Persatuan Pelindung Harimau Malaysia (RIMAU) to equip, train, and deploy two ranger teams made up of local orang asli (indigenous people) at the Royal Belum State Park.
6Perak State Parks Corporation’s anti-poaching effortsN/ARM1.20M over 3 yearsN/AOrang Asli/AsalYSD has committed RM1.2 million over three years beginning November 2021. A portion of the funding will also be channelled towards assisting the orang asli community.
7Layar Liar Malaysia DocumentaryRM0.63MN/AN/ACommunityYSD committed RM630,000 to produce the Layar Liar Malaysia online documentary series about Malaysian wildlife and natural locations. All 52 episodes featuring Malaysian wildlife, natural locations, and individuals behind environmental and biodiversity conservation initiatives are now available for viewing on Layar Liar Malaysia’s official social media accounts.
8HIV/AIDS initiativeN/ASponsorship worth RM8.55 since 2013N/ACommunityA total of RM8.55 million in sponsorship for Malaysian AIDS Foundation (MAF) and the Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC) since 2013 aims to further strengthen the efforts to help people living with HIV (PLHIV) and push the advocacy agenda under Malaysia’s National Strategic Plan for Ending AIDS by 2030.
9KOMITED MalaysiaN/ASponsorship worth RM2.50MN/ACommunityYSD is also supporting Komuniti Intervensi Dadah Malaysia (KOMITED Malaysia) with a RM2.5 million sponsorship to address issues related to drugs and HIV/AIDS vulnerability.
10Flood AidRM6.20M6,200,000N/ADisaster VictimsYSD has directed a total of RM6.2 million towards providing flood relief emergency aid to assist the flood recovery efforts in the many impacted parts of Malaysia.
11YSD Huluran KasihN/AN/A800 hoursDisaster VictimsYSD carried out 73 initiatives in collaboration with nearly 800 Sime Darby employee volunteers through the YSD Huluran Kasih programme, in addition to YSD’s project partners
12Flood relief effortsN/ADistribution of dry food and hygiene items, grocery vouchers, cleaning kits, water jets, and generator setsN/ADisaster VictimsSime Darby Industrial and Sime Darby Motors also stepped forward to facilitate the cleaning of houses affected by the floods and the distribution of dry food and hygiene items, grocery vouchers, cleaning kits, water jets, and generator sets in Shah Alam, Puchong, Subang, Hulu Langat, Kuantan, and Kota Kinabalu in Sabah
13Malaysian Cricket AssociationN/ARM4.60M for 3 yearsN/A640 female playersYSD has committed RM4.6 million for three years until September 2023 to support the Malaysian Cricket Association. With the financial support, the Malaysian Cricket Association has been able to identify and develop talents under the Cricket Adiwira Programme and the Women’s Development Programme. Since 2019, the Association has trained over 640 female players.
14Persatuan KakiseniN/ASponsorship worth RM0.42MN/ACommunityYSD supports Persatuan Kakiseni, a non-profit champion of arts and culture. In FY2022, YSD provided a sponsorship of RM420,000 for Kakiseni to create Kakiseni Junior, a website promoting art classes by Malaysian artists.
15Seni Making A DifferenceN/ASponsored 4 editionsN/A160 childrenSeni Making A Difference YSD sponsored four editions of the Seni Making a Difference’s creative outreach programme that benefitted 160 children from low-cost housing areas and community centres to spark their interest in arts.
16KL Shakespeare PlayersN/ASponsorship worth RM0.93MN/A15,315 students from 185 schoolsFrom April 2021 to March 2022, YSD provided RM93,000 in sponsorship to KL Shakespeare Players to conduct interactive online storytelling sessions for 15,315 primary school students from 185 schools. The programme has helped schoolchildren improve their English vocabulary while instilling an interest in local folklores and the performing arts.
17Crossing Borders - Folktales for the YoungRM0.16MN/AN/A16,000 studentsCrossing Borders - Folktales for the Young RM165,000 has been committed towards the group’s latest initiative, Crossing Borders - Folktales for the Young, which will benefit 16,000 primary school students from all 14 states of Malaysia.
18COVID-19 frontlinersN/AFood contributionN/AFrontliners from 10 hospitalsSime Darby Motors showed its appreciation to Malaysian COVID-19 frontliners during the pandemic by collaborating with Domino’s Pizza in Malaysia to deliver pizzas to medical staff at various medical facilities including the COVID-19 quarantine centre in Serdang and over 10 hospitals in the Klang Valley
19Support Local Community EmploymentN/AEmployment trainingN/AOrang Asli/AsalHastings Deering continued its partnership with Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy and Clontarf Foundation in Queensland and Northern Territory to support its local communities’ pathways to employment. In particular, Hastings Deering partners with Clontarf Foundation to improve employment prospects of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men. Hastings Deering works directly with Clontarf Foundation to assist with workshop tours, work experience opportunities, career fairs, mock interviews, traineeships and mentoring.
20Children's libraryN/AChildren's libraryN/ACommunityIn Papua New Guinea, Hastings Deering has a 10-year partnership and is a platinum sponsor of Buk bilong Pikinini, an independent charity based in Port Moresby that aims to help increase literacy rates in Papua New Guinea by setting up children’s libraries in community-based localities.
21Mobile laundry/shower servicesN/AMobile laundry/shower serviceN/ACommunityHastings Deering partnered with Orange Sky Australia to provide free mobile laundry and shower services to the homeless in Queensland and the Northern Territory.
22Helicopter servicesN/AService labour & partsN/ACommunityHastings Deering is also a proud supporter of RACQ CQ Rescue and RACQ Capricorn Rescue Helicopter services in Mackay and Rockhampton. Hastings Deering supports the Rescue Helicopter Service in Central Queensland by providing service labour and parts for the generator sets used in the helicopter operations.
23Food aidN/A675 food boxesN/ACommunityBetween August and September 2021, Tractors Malaysia provided food aid to local community in areas affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, especially those who have lost their jobs and livelihood. It supplied 675 food boxes to six non-profit organisations.
24Distribution of daily necessitiesN/ADaily necessitiesN/A15 familiesIn December 2021, teams from China Engineers Limited (CEL) in Guangdong and Shunde distributed daily necessities to 15 families in need in Huaiji Zhaoqing.
25Work opportunities for disabledN/AWork opportunitiesN/APWDTerra Cat in New Zealand partnered with Kilmarnock Enterprises, a Christchurch-based social enterprise that provides work opportunities for the disabled community in New Zealand. Terra Cat outsourced the work to revamp its entire line of uniform to the new Terra Cat brand to the Kilmarnock Enterprises, supporting its important work of creating jobs for the disabled.
26Ramsay Sime Darby Health CareN/AFree eye screening and ambulance servicesN/AElderlyIn FY2022, Ramsay Sime Darby Health Care (RSDH)’s flagship hospital, Subang Jaya Medical Centre rolled out a dedicated programme for the elderly. The programme provides free eye screening and ambulance services for nearby Subang Jaya residents aged 65 to 90.
27Drive-thru VaccinationN/AVaccination drive-thruN/APWDRSDH’s Ara Damansara Medical Centre set up a drive-through COVID-19 vaccination centre for the disabled. Launched in June 2021, the centre provided more convenience for persons with disabilities and their caretakers to be vaccinated.
28Free health servicesN/AFree health servicesN/AYouthParkCity Medical Centre introduced the ‘Go the Extra Mile’ i-Kiddo Kids Mobile Clinic in September 2021 for underprivileged children in Kepong. The clinic offers free health services including vision test and general health screening

⬆️ – shows an increase monetarily or the number of beneficiaries from 2021 report 

⬇️ – shows a decrease monetarily or the number of beneficiaries from 2021 report 

1. The numerical value for total cash and in-kind giving was calculated based on individual monetary mentions in the Annual and Sustainability report.

2. The information above is derived from Sime Darby Berhad’s 2022 Annual and Sustainability Report. Email correspondence was made between between 20 April – 3 August 2023 to seek further clarification, as reflected in the table above. 

Focus Areas of Sime Darby Berhad

Beneficiaries of Sime Darby Berhad

Sime Darby Berhad contributes an amount of RM20 million annually to Yayasan Sime Darby (YSD). The top focus areas from the group’s giving are in Education and Health. The Group’s giving initiatives towards education included the CERDIK programme and training initiatives while health-related giving surrounded HIV/AIDS initiatives and free health screenings. The main beneficiaries that were positively impacted by the Group’s giving initiatives were the Community. A large portion of givings benefited the Community as it was catered for a specific group that shared the same characteristics to improve their well-being such as underprivileged communities. The employee volunteer hours at Sime Darby recorded 800 hours.

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