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How Malaysia's Biggest Public Companies Give Back To Society?

RHB Bank Berhad

With the help of over 14,000 personnel, RHB has established itself as a global regional service provider, offering a wide range of products and services across 8 other ASEAN nations.

RHB created a 5-Year (2022-2026) Sustainability Strategy and Roadmap to be a sustainably responsible provider of financial services by encouraging sustainable and inclusive growth, fostering relationships with clients, staff, and communities, and upholding good governance to add value.

The Group’s Sustainability Framework is built upon three main pillars: Enriching and empowering, Embedding Good Practises, and Sustainable and responsible Financial Services. By 2026, one of their sustainability goals is to empower over 2 million individuals in ASEAN.

Fiscal Year-End: 31 December 2022

The net profit of RHB Bank Berhad increased in FY2022 to RM2.7 billion from RM2.61 billion during the previous financial year.

The year on year net profit growth at RHB Bank Berhad is at 3.41%.

The Company’s dividend payout ratio for the FY2022 is 62.50%, amounts to approximately RM1.69 billion.

The Group Shariah Business distributed a total Zakat of RM6 million to the State Zakat Authorities.

Total cash contributions made by RHB Bank Berhad during FY2022, was RM3.92 million. This contribution was made through community empowerment and enrichment programmes.

Total in-kind contributions are accounted for under the RM3.92 million contribution made through community empowerment and enrichment programmes.

The total employee volunteer hours were not detailed by RHB Bank Berhad in thier annual and sustainability report.

RHB Bank Berhad:
Cash, In-Kind and Employee Volunteer Hours

No.ContributionBased on Previous YrCash GivingIn-kind GivingEmployee Volunteer HoursBeneficiaries
1Community Investment⬇️RM3.92MN/AN/ABeneficiariesTotal RM3,925,807 invested in the Group’s overall community empowerment and enrichment programmes, – RM2,179,481 from the total was invested in Nurturing Future Generations and – RM1,746,326 from the total was invested in Empowering Communities
2FIA-ACCA SponsorshipN/ASponsorships worth RM61.99kN/A2 studentsExtended RM61,994 in sponsorships to two students from the asnaf community to pursue FIA-ACCA in collaboration with MyPAC
3MySISWA ProjectN/AFinancial supportN/A16 public universitiesSupported 16 public universities in Malaysia under MySISWA Project Social Harmoni by providing financial support for their underprivileged students
4BEST-BYOBN/AUpskilling programmeN/A41 participants41 Asnaf participants completed the B40 Empowerment Strategy – Be Your Boss (BEST-BYOB) programme, a programme in collaboration with Pernas, and commenced their own pre-franchise business.
5RHB JOMBizRM44.40kN/A37 MSMEs37 Asnaf MSMEs completed the programme and received seed funding of RM1,200 each from the Bank
6Smart Sawah Berskala BesarN/AAgricultural tools worth RM0.27MN/A70 participantsCollaborated with Lembaga Zakat Negeri Kedah under a Smart Sawah Berskala Besar (“SSBB”) Asnaf to support the paddy agriculture community. One steel-tipper lorry and two agricultural drones worth nearly RM271,000 were donated to the Smart SBB Asnaf Project to support B40 community farmers, impacting approximately 70 Asnaf participants under this project
7Harvest BakeryN/ATools worth RM60kN/A20 families20 asnaf families gained direct access to Harvest Bakery Centre located at Taman Desa Asnaf, Perlis that is equipped with RM60,000 worth of tools and equipment, focusing on nurturing their entrepreneurial and baking skills
8Asnaf Fuqara’ (Perlis)RM6.00kN/AN/A3 families, 30 individualsDistributed RM1,000 to three asnaf families and RM100 each to 30 other individuals.
9Ocean HarmoniN/ATraining programme8 volunteers8 disabled diversCollaborated with Diveheart Malaysia on RHB Ocean Harmoni Adaptive Scuba Programme to empower disabled persons to become certified underwater divers, supported by eight volunteers from RHB as adaptive buddy support divers. 8 total disabled divers certified
10Kapas beach clean-upN/ABeach clean up68 volunteersEnvironmentKapas beach clean-up in collaboration with the Kapas Conservation Society (“KCS”), UMT, and Kapas Ombak Resort. 40 kg - Total beach debris collected 68 participants
11Langkawi beach clean-upN/ABeach clean upN/A110 participantsLangkawi beach clean-up in partnership with the Langkawi Development Authority (“LADA”), with participation from RHB’s Board of Directors, Senior Management and staff of LADA and EPF Langkawi, Trash Hero Langkawi, and other local NGOs. 375 kg of total beach debris collected from 110 participants.
12RHB Money Ma$ter Programme⬆️N/AFinancial literacy programmeN/A10,165 studentsThe Ministry of Education-endorsed RHB Money Ma$ter Programme has continued to deliver financial literacy programmes to youths of school-going age nationwide since 2018. In 2022, we reached 10,165 students from 6 secondary schools through 90-minute interactive talks
13Financial Literacy Programme (“FinLit”)N/A4 educational sessionsN/A98 childrenRHB Singapore organised its FinLit sessions with children and youth from disadvantaged communities, which promotes financial education among students aged 9 to 17 years old from the low-income segment. - Four in-person sessions reaching 98 children and youths
14Financial Literacy Programme (“FinLit”)N/AVouchers worth RM25.6kN/A98 children the attendeesRHB Singapore raised a total of S$7,480 amongst RHB Singapore staff to purchase bookstore vouchers as a gift to all FinLit programme attendees of the 2021 programme to encourage the spirit of learning
15RHB #JomBizN/ASeed fundingN/A40 micro entrepreneurs 140 micro SMEsRHB #JomBiz was launched in the fourth quarter of 2022 to provide entrepreneurship training, which includes financial management, to B40 micro-entrepreneurs selected through interviews and prescreening jointly with Taylor’s ommunity. More than 140 Micro SMEs were onboarded under Cohort 1 and seed funding ranging from RM 1200 to RM30,000 was awarded to 40 Micro entrepreneurs
16Financial talksN/AFinancial literacy programmeN/A300 studentsA series of talks were conducted to educate university students on financial scams, fraud, and cyber security. These talks were supported by the teams from Business Risk & Fraud Management and Group Tech & Cyber Risk Management, respectively. More than 300 students from UKM and UPM benefited from these talks, which were organised between October and December 2022.
17RHB Children Financial Literacy ProgrammeN/A24 educational sessionsN/A1,947 participantsRHB Islamic championed the RHB Children Financial Literacy Programme that 1,947 participants 24 sessions across the countrywide. The programme targets 10 to 12 year-olds and their parents
18Financial Well-being: Go Digital ConfidentlyN/AFinancial literacy programmeN/A150 participantsA special programme was organised in October for the rural community in Dalat, Sarawak. More than 150 participants attended a talk called “Financial Well-being: Go Digital Confidently”. The programme was organised in conjunction with Bank Negara Malaysia’s Financial Literacy Month.
19goWave Lite app⬇️N/AFinancial literacy contentN/A41,241 unique visitorsRHB Cambodia launched the goWave Lite app and the full version app, both of which offer curated financial literacy information designed for university students. The platform was accessed by 41,241 unique visitors in 2022.
20RHB X-Cel Star scholarship.N/AMentoring21 volunteersBeneficiariesTo pursue higher education in a local tertiary education institution, scholarship recipients are also paired up with an RHB employee for one-to-one mentoring, where to date, we have 21 management associates who have volunteered as mentors.
21RHB X-Cel and RHB X-Cel Star Scholarship programmeN/AScholarhips worth RM4.20MN/A6,500 studentsAn allocation of RM4.2 million was pledged when the scholarship programme was launched in 2019. This is for the sustenance of the programme over five years (2019 to 2023) and to benefit 60 scholars. Since 2019, more than RM650,000 was disbursed, benefitting 38 students accorded the RHB X-Cel Star Scholarships; and up to 22 scholarships to be awarded FY2023. Almost 6,500 secondary school students benefitted from the RHB X-Cel academic excellence programme since 2018
22RHB #EmpowerN/ATraining programme worth RM0.10MN/A20 Austistic participantsA learning programme for young adults with mild Autism focusing on developing skills to place them in office-based working environments as a career path. RM100,000 allocated for training. Upon completion of the training programme, the 20 Autistic participants will undergo interviews to secure internship placements within or outside the Bank.
23RHB Art with HeartN/AArt showcaseN/A119 artistsA platform which provides emerging local talents to showcase their artworks to RHB’s clients, business partners, art collectors as well as members of the public. 20% of the amount generated from the sales of the artworks have been channelled to initiatives that support the B40 communities through RHB Foundation. Impact since 2016 • > 400 artworks exhibited • 181 artworks sold • 119 artists participated • > RM800,000 in sales collected
24RHB Touch HeartsN/AFundraising worth RM0.81MN/A55,000 livesRM816,250 raised over a period of 6 months • 42 charitable causes and projects implemented in one weekend • Approximately 55,000 lives impacted
25Sungai Air HitamN/ARiver clean upN/A850 orang asliA team in Serendah worked on improving infrastructure, enhancing education resources, as well as increasing awareness on the importance of health and wellness for 850 orang asli residents. Joined by RHB’s Group Managing Director, Mohd Rashid Mohamad, the team rolled up their sleeves to clean Sungai Air Hitam, a key water source for the residents of a village in Kajang.
26School refurbishmentN/ASchool facilitiesN/ABeneficiariesB40 students, teachers, and staff of a Tahfiz school in Pahang benefitted from the construction of an underground water well to provide access to clean water. The school facilities were also upgraded with new water taps, energyefficient lights, and recycling bins for a more sustainable campus.
27Samusan Wildlife SanctuaryN/APlanted 425 trees150 employeesEnvironment150 employees from our Sarawak operations planted a total of 425 native and food trees that strengthens the rainforest and wildlife ecosystem, sustaining the future supply of shelter and food for wildlife at the Samusan Wildlife Sanctuary in Sematan
28RHB Touch Hearts 360N/ADonations worth RM0.56MN/A13,000 beneficiariesMore than RM565,000 worth of cash and in-kind donations were distributed during four festive seasons, qurban and the east coast floods. Approximately 13,000 beneficiaries benefitted.
29RHB #JomBizN/AUpskilling efforts worth RM0.50MN/A141 B40 MSME participantsRHB #JomBiz, launched in 2022 is a Micro SME Empowerment programme where the Group provides upskilling training for B40 Micro SME participants in partnership with Taylor’s Community as the service / training provider to upskill a total of 141 B40 MSME participants RM500,000 allocated for entire programme • 141 B40 Micro entrepreneurs were upskilled and seed funds totalling close to RM140,000 were awarded to participants based on successful business pitch

⬆️ – shows an increase monetarily or the number of beneficiaries from 2021 report 

⬇️ – shows a decrease monetarily or the number of beneficiaries from 2021 report 

1. The numerical value for total cash and in-kind giving was calculated based on individual monetary mentions in the Annual and Sustainability report.

2. The information above is derived from RHB Bank Berhad’s 2022 Annual and Sustainability Report. Email correspondence was made between between 20 April – 3 August 2023 to seek further clarification, however, no reply was received. 

Focus Areas of RHB Bank Berhad

Beneficiaries of RHB Bank Berhad

The percentage of cash-giving-to-profit decreased in FY2022 as RHB Bank contributed RM3.92 million to their community empowerment and enrichment programs, compared to RM9.15 million in the previous financial year. The primary focus area of the Group’s giving efforts is Education, with 40% of RHB Bank’s initiatives directed toward this category, including multiple financial literacy programs like ‘FinLit.’ The main beneficiaries positively impacted by the Group’s giving initiatives are Youth, including children and university students nationwide, with a significant portion hailing from disadvantaged communities.

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