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How Malaysia's Biggest Public Companies Give Back To Society?

Petronas Gas Berhad (PGB)

Malaysia’s leading Gas Infrastructure and Centralised Utilities company, Petronas Gas Berhad (PGB) operates under 4 business units; Gas Processing, Gas Transportation, Regastification and Utilities while venturing into new growth opportunities to sustain current the business of meeting the nation’s energy needs. 

PETRONAS’ Sustainability Agenda is guided by their Four Sustainability Lenses; Continued Value Creation, Positive Social Impact, Responsible Governance and Safeguarding the Environment. 

Fiscal Year-End: 31 December 2021

The Group reported a total net profit of RM1.99 billion during FY2021. 

PGB had a dividend payout ratio of 81.6% equivalent to a total payout of over RM1.62 billion in FY2021.

Total cash contributions made by the Group during FY2021, as found in their annual and sustainability report is RM126,000.

Total in-kind contributions made by PGB was worth approximately RM410,000. A large proportion of this giving was through donation initiatives during festive celebration

No employee volunteer hours were reported by Petronas Gas Berhad.

Petronas Gas Berhad:
Cash, In-Kind and Employee Volunteer Hours

No.ContributionCash GivingIn-kind GivingEmployee Volunteer HoursBeneficiaries
1Free food initiativeN/AFree foodN/A3,000 contractorsPGB held a Free Food initiative to all 3,000 contractors involved in Gas Processing Santong shutdown in 2021.
2Sayangi Sungai Latoh' programmeN/AMangrove planting worth RM800,000 for 5 years and 9,525 mangrove samplings planted N/AMangrove conservationRM800,000 allocated for mangrove planting (2019 - 2023) under Program Sentuhan Alam. Petronas Gas Berhad and the Malaysian Nature Society are also collaborating on the Sayangi Sungai Latoh programme by tracking the growth of mangrove plants in the area where over 9,525 mangrove samplings have been planted since the initiative kicked-off in 2018.
3Sentuhan Ilmu' programmeRM60kN/AN/ABeneficiariesPGB allocated RM60,000 for Back-to-School programme by Program Sentuhan Ilmu.
4COVID-19 contributionsRM46kN/AN/AQuarantine centresPGB contributed a total of RM46,000 to Quarantine Centres and Vaccination Administration Centres or Pusat Pemberian Vaksin (PPV) in the East Coast region in Kemaman, Kertih and Paka.
5COVID-19 contributionsDeliver medical equipment and suppliesN/AHospitalsPGB's Gurun Regional Office played its part in engaging with and supporting local stakeholders to facilitate a smooth vaccination process at selected centres by delivering medical equipment and supplies to hospitals.
6COVID-19 contributionsRM20kN/AN/AHospital BantingPGB contributed RM20,000 to address emergency needs at Hospital Banting, through a collaboration with Pejabat Tanah dan Daerah Kuala Langat.
7Sentuhan Kasih' programmeN/ADonations worth RM250kN/A50 families and 4 welfare homesRM240,000 was allocated for festive celebration by Program Sentuhan Kasih that benefited 50 families and 4 welfare homes. During FY2021, a total of 50 families in the B40 category in Kelana Jaya benefitted from receiving home essentials such as food supplies, hygiene kits and face masks. In Seri Iskandar, Perak, PGB partnered with Yayasan PETRONAS to hand out essentials to more than 50 families. The PETRONAS group also contributed RM10,000 in donations to over 500 less fortunate beneficiaries that were distributed to four selected homes; Pusat Jagaan Anak Yatim dan Saudara Baru An Najjah, Pertubuhan Kebajikan Baitul Husna, Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak-anak Yatim Islam Darul Saadah and Badan Kebajikan Rumah Warga Emas Darul Hanan.


  1. The numerical value for total cash and in-kind giving was calculated based on individual monetary mentions in the Annual and Sustainability report.
  2. The information above is derived from Petronas Gas Berhad’s 2021 Annual and Sustainability Report. Email correspondence was made between between 8 July – 3 August 2022 to seek further clarification, however no reply was received.

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