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How Malaysia's Biggest Public Companies Give Back To Society?

Petronas Chemicals Group Berhad (PCG)

Petronas Chemicals Group Berhad functions as the chemical division of PETRONAS and stands as one of the primary integrated chemical producers in Southeast Asia. Its operations encompass the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of a diversified array of petrochemicals. PCG’s Sustainability Strategy aligns with the Group’s Two-Pronged Strategy built on three Pillars of Economic, Environmental and Social (EES). This strategy serves to enhance economic performance, support the green agenda and empower people & communities. The Group’s economic contribution is supported by the three strategic areas of Operational Excellence, Commercial Excellence and Growth Delivery Excellence, which subsequently contributes to positive Environmental and Social impact.

Fiscal Year-End: 31 December 2022

The net profit of Petronas Chemicals Group Berhad decreased in FY2022 to RM6.32 billion from RM7.31 billion during the previous financial year.

Petronas Chemicals Group Berhad reported a negative net profit growth year on year of -13.62%.

The Group’s dividend payout for the FY2022 amounts to RM3.30 billion.

Total cash contributions made by the Group during FY2022, was not elaborated in their annual and sustainability report.

The monetary amount worth of in-kind contributions made by PCG was not specified in their FY2022 annual and sustainability report.

The total employee volunteer hours reported by Petronas Chemicals Group Berhad is 1,638 hours.

Petronas Chemicals Group Berhad:
Cash, In-Kind and Employee Volunteer Hours

No.ContributionBased on previous yrCash GivingIn-kind GivingEmployee Volunteer HoursBeneficiaries
1Flagship projectN/ASharing sessionsN/A32 schoolsProgressed the flagship project of plastic waste to naphtha-like pyrolysis oil to the next stage by organising sharing sessions with a total of 6 community areas and engaged with students from 32 schools around the country.
2Skim Latihan 1Malaysia/Graduate Employability Enhancement SchemeN/ATraining programmeN/A143 traineesSL1M-GEES-PETRONAS represents a soft skills training plan formulated by PETRONAS in conjunction with Malaysia's Government-backed Skim Latihan 1Malaysia initiative. The initiative aims to elevate the desirability and job prospects of Malaysian graduates. Spanning one year, this practical training curriculum concentrates on furnishing unemployed graduates with essential soft skills and furnishes them with a wide array of personal attributes, priming them for the demands of a corporate setting. Throughout these programs, participants were also introduced to the Company's high-performance work ethos, offering a model of positive conduct for their subsequent professional environments.
3Be Green - PYSEN/ARecycling campaignN/ACommunityImplemented to complement and raise awareness of the PSYE programme. Recycling campaign were held at selected schools and the local communities in which PCG operate to ingrain the practice of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The aim was to establish the habit of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. This endeavor also aligns with PCG's broader business goals and NPE (New Plastic Economy) agenda, contributing to the promotion of effective waste management practices. A total of over 63,000 kg of recyclable waste was gathered through this program.
4ecoCareN/A3,550 mangrove treesN/AEnvironmentIncreased the total number of mangrove trees and seedlings planted through the ecoCare planting and education programmes. These programs actively advocate for the protection and safeguarding of biodiversity. The primary goal is to guarantee the thoughtful preservation of the environment while also instilling the principles of volunteering for the cause of nature conservation. In partnership with Sahabat Bakau and the Malaysian Nature Society, a combined effort resulted in the planting of 3,550 mangrove trees.
5Plastic, Sustainability & You Education (PSYE) Programme⬆️N/AEducation programmeN/A200,000 beneficiariesMore than 200,000 students, teachers, and community members were involved in hands-on programs aimed at endorsing the NPE, while also educating the participants about sustainability, responsible waste management, and the significance of a circular economy.
6Safety Programme (SHOC4School)N/AEducation programmeN/ACommunityAimed to increase the knowledge in handling chemicals and first aid skills. Beyond imparting insights into laboratory safety and fundamental first aid training, PCG also provided safety goggles, eye wash stations, first aid kits, and chemical spill kits for school laboratories.
7SEEd.LabN/ABusiness and leadership mentorshipN/A13,000 beneficiariesAn end-to-end incubator programme powered by PETRONAS and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), PCG has made a significant difference in over 13,000 lives through eight social enterprises since its launch in January 2020. A pioneering effort in Malaysia, SEEd.Lab focuses on addressing societal challenges by establishing self-sustaining social enterprises that provide targeted solutions for community members in need. In addition to financial support, PCG has also extended business and leadership guidance to assist the social enterprises under SEEd.Lab.
8Community Relief ProgrammeN/ACommunity relief driveN/A1,450 familiesAn initiative for community assistance aimed at providing relief and alleviating the challenges faced by low-income demographics. In the current year, this effort took place across six operational regions of PCG, benefiting a total of 1,450 families.
9Employee Volunteer Hours⬆️N/AN/A1,683 hrsBeneficiaries1,683 hours volunteered by PCG employees in various Social Impact programmes

⬆️– shows an increase monetarily or the number of beneficiaries from 2021 report 

⬇️ – shows a decrease monetarily or the number of beneficiaries from 2021 report 

1. The numerical value for total cash and in-kind giving was not calculated due to lack of individual monetary mentions in the Annual and Sustainability report.

2. The information above is derived from Petronas Chemicals Group Berhad’s 2022 Annual and Sustainability Report. Email correspondence was made between between 20 April – 3 July 2023 to seek further clarification, however, no reply was received. 

Focus Areas of Petronas Chemicals Group Berhad

Beneficiaries of Petronas Chemicals Group Berhad

The primary focus area for Petronas Chemicals Group Berhad’s giving initiatives is Education, accounting for 57.1% of their efforts. This includes the implementation of various educational programs, such as SL1M-GEES-PETRONAS, soft skills training, and sustainability awareness education. The largest segment of beneficiaries who have benefited from the Group’s initiatives falls under the Community category. These beneficiaries have primarily been positively impacted by educational initiatives, which have been tailored to address specific characteristics and improve their overall well-being.

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