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How Malaysia's Biggest Public Companies Give Back To Society?

MISC Berhad

MISC Berhad is a world leading provider of international energy-related maritime solutions and services, operating a modern and diversified fleet powered by a multi-national workforce of over 8,800 talents. The Group is firmly committed to creating value for their stakeholders and contributing to the sustainable development of the maritime industry. MISC’s Sustainability Strategy (2021 – 2025) consists of five sustainability pillars; Financial, Environment, Social, Governance and Stakeholder engagement. One of their sustainability commitments is through biodiversity conservation to rehabilitate marine biodiversity by supporting sustainable reef management and sea-turtle conservation.

Fiscal Year-End: 31 December 2022

The net profit of MISC Berhad increased in FY2022 to RM1.82 billion from RM1.83 billion during the previous financial year.

The year on year net profit growth at MISC Berhad is at 0.46%.

The company’s dividend payout ratio for the FY2022 is 80% which amounts to RM535 million.

Total cash contributions made by MISC during FY2022, was approximately RM3,100 based on their annual and sustainability report.

Total in-kind contributions are approximately RM24.43 million according to their annual and sustainability report.

The total employee volunteer hours reported by MISC Berhad is 474 hours.

MISC Berhad:
Cash, In-Kind and Employee Volunteer Hours

No.ContributionBased on Previous YrCash GivingIn-kind GivingEmployee Volunteer HoursBeneficiaries
1Heart of the OceanN/AConservation activitiesN/AMersing Islands, JohorThe "Heart of the Ocean Programme," a five-year collaborative effort with Reef Check Malaysia (RCM), focuses on two core areas: sustainable reef management and marine debris management. In terms of coral monitoring and resilience, we engaged in six diving best practice initiatives, installed four mooring buoys, established a new reef rehabilitation site, and monitored three existing sites. Monitoring activities encompassed coral bleaching and predator tracking at 32 sites, resulting in one comprehensive report. Moreover, we conducted five engagements related to sewage treatment. In the realm of Marine Protected Areas (MPA) and sustainable tourism management, our efforts included building stakeholder capacity and raising awareness.
2HOTO ProgrammeN/A2 beach sites cleaned77 volunteers22 participants, 6 island families engagedThe HOTO Programme synergizes the engagement and voluntary efforts of MISC Group employees to enhance environmental awareness, foster employee relations, and bolster engagement through active involvement in conservation endeavors. In 2022, a total of 77 employees participated in three distinct Employee Participation Programmes (EPP) conducted at Pulau Sibu and Pulau Besar in Mersing, Johor. The outcomes of these EPPs encompassed two sites, covering a total distance of 700 meters, resulting in the collection of 464 kg of trash and 2,825 plastic bottles. A notable participation of 22 local stakeholders and engagement with six island families were recorded, while Pulau Besar was successfully mapped.
3UMT - MMS Sea Turtle Conservation InitiativeN/ASponsorship worth RM0.20MN/ACommunityThe UMT-MMS Sea Turtle Conservation Initiative has received sponsorship totaling RM200,000 by the end of 2022. Over a span of five years (2020-2024), MMS allocated RM300,000 in sponsorship. In terms of waste management, there was a 75% participation rate in five slots, resulting in a 92% enhancement of both existing and new facilities. Engaging the public and schools, the initiative conducted eight outreach programs and created one printed research material encompassing the Turtle Tourism Module, Ocean Ambassador Module, and a newsletter.
4UMT - MMS Sea Turtle Conservation InitiativeN/ATurtle conservation25 volunteersMarine LifeThe Sea Turtle Conservation Initiative's volunteer and outreach program marked a new phase as MMS extended volunteer opportunities to the broader MISC Group of companies. This initiative led to 25 volunteers participating in a transformative seven-day sea turtle conservation program, enriching their understanding of sea turtles and their life cycle. The effort yielded remarkable results with 2,181 nests recorded and a hatching success rate of 78.12%.
5Mangrove conservation programmeN/ABaseline assessmentN/AEnvironmentUnder the Mangrove Conservation Programme, a foundational baseline assessment was undertaken to gauge the condition and extent of mangrove health and degradation. The assessment covered a comprehensive flora evaluation, encompassing 18 distinct mangrove tree species, with the oldest tree's average age predicted to exceed 20 years.
6Coastal CleanupN/A9 locations300 volunteersEnvironmentIn our effort to increase employee awareness, in conjunction with the International Coastal Cleanup celebration held in September, beach cleaning activities were implemented across the MISC Group. Cleanups were held at 9 separate locations globally with more than 300 employees participating and about 1 tonne of waste collected in total from all cleanups done throughout the year.
7Eaglestar Cadet SponsorshipN/ASponsorships worth RM24.20MN/A751 studentsThe Eaglestar Cadet Sponsorship program exemplifies a joint effort between Eaglestar and ALAM to cultivate a dedicated and specialized crew, fostering a sustainable pipeline of upcoming maritime professionals. Throughout 2022, Eaglestar, in conjunction with shipowners, extended cadet sponsorships to a cumulative count of 751 students enrolled at ALAM. This sponsorship initiative covered 67 female cadets and 684 male cadets, reflecting a sponsorship value of RM24.2 million.
8AET ScholarshipN/A5 scholarshipsN/A5 studentsThe AET Scholarships were granted for the 3-year Diploma in Maritime Business at the Singapore Maritime Academy - Singapore Polytechnic, and the sponsorship has been extended to include 2 additional AETMaritimeOne students, providing support to a total of 5 students.
9AET ScholarshipN/A10 scholarshipsN/A10 studentsThe collaboration between AET and the Texas A&M Foundation resulted in the establishment of AET Scholarships targeting undergraduate students specializing in Maritime Transportation. This initiative successfully sponsored a total of 10 students at the Texas A&M University Galveston Campus, fostering educational opportunities in the maritime field.
10MMS Marine Biodiversity ConservationRM3.1kN/AN/A150 studentsThe MMS Marine Biodiversity Conservation program in collaboration with SMK Suai, Miri engaged 150 students from the school with financial allocation of RM3,100 was devoted to the successful implementation of the program, emphasizing MMS's commitment to fostering awareness and action in marine conservation among students and volunteers alike.
11MMS Marine Biodiversity ConservationN/AN/A13 volunteers150 studentsThe MMS Marine Biodiversity Conservation program in collaboration with SMK Suai, Miri engaged 150 students from the school, complemented by the participation of 13 dedicated volunteers.
12MHB River Rehabilitation ProgrammeN/A250 trees planted, water quality test and river awareness session570 volunteersEnvironmentMHB River Rehabilitation Programme • More than 500 participants comprised of MHB’s employees, MMHE Flat Residents and community around Pasir Gudang area participated • 70 volunteers (MHB River Warriors) were involved during the launch of the programme • Planted 50 forest trees at Laman Rekreasi Sungai Buluh, Pasir Gudang • Fabricated 5 units of Floating Wet Land • Produced 50 macrocomposite • Distributed 200 plants to the community • Conducted water quality test and river awareness session • Contributed RM150,000 over the span of 3 years
13MHB mangrove plantingN/A500 treesN/A38 participantsAs part of the MHB mangrove planting initiative, a total of 500 mangrove trees were successfully planted at Hutan Simpan Banjar Utara Kampung Bagan Pasir, Tanjung Karang, Selangor. The event saw active participation from 38 dedicated individuals, contributing to the preservation and restoration of valuable mangrove ecosystems.
14MMS Hawksbill Sea Turtle Conservation ProgrammesN/ABeach cleanup60 volunteersMarine LifeThe MMS Hawksbill Sea Turtle Conservation Program engaged a total of 60 employees in various activities aimed at fostering turtle preservation. These activities encompassed cleaning tasks in the pond, hatching area, and beach, alongside the creation of a turtle-themed mural at the Turtle Conservation Information Centre Melaka (TCIC).
15MMS Hawksbill Sea Turtle Conservation ProgrammesN/ACleaning supplies worth RM13.0kN/AEnvironmentAs part of the MMS Hawksbill Sea Turtle Conservation Programmes, MISC donated cleaning supplies during a collaborative "gotong-royong" session, further highlighting MMS's commitment to environmental stewardship. Notably, a total expenditure of RM13,000 was allocated for the successful execution of this event.
16ALAM Eco WalkN/AContributions worth RM0.25k270 hoursEnvironmentALAM's Eco Walk initiative saw active participation and engagement, with 30 participants and 20 dedicated volunteers joining the event. The collective effort contributed a total of 270 manhours, reflecting the commitment to environmental awareness and action. A budget of RM250 was allocated to ensure the success of this event.
17AET COVID-19 Donation Campaign⬆️N/A1,074,000 mealsN/ACommunityAET's impactful COVID-19 Donation Campaign extended its reach across various regions, benefitting numerous underprivileged individuals. In Norway, 34,000 individuals received either cooked meals or food packs, while in Rio de Janeiro, approximately 16,500 families (4,100 families) benefited, equating to nearly 600,000 meals. The initiative also aided 1,700 affected families in the Philippines with food packs, amounting to over 180,000 meals, while London witnessed surplus food redistribution translating to more than 96,000 meals. Significantly, 60,000 meals were provided in Houston and 80,000 meals in Galveston. The campaign further funded groceries, fresh foods, and essentials for daily meals, totaling 24,000 in Singapore.
18MHB Flood Relief e-Donation DriveRM10.0kN/AN/AMISC employee flood victimsThe MHB Flood Relief e-Donation Drive effectively mobilized employee contributions, resulting in a total of RM10,000 raised. This initiative showcased MHB's commitment to providing essential support during times of need, as the raised funds were utilized to offer both monetary assistance and groceries to those affected by the floods.
19MHB DonationN/AContributions worth RM19.11kN/A31 familiesMHB demonstrated its dedication to supporting the underprivileged residents in Pasir Gudang through a significant contribution of RM19,110, benefiting a total of 31 families.
20MHB Sponsorship to SMK Dato’ Penggawa TimurN/ASponsorship worth RM2.00kN/ASMK Dato’ Penggawa TimurMHB extended valuable support to SMK Dato’ Penggawa Timur by providing a sponsorship of RM2,000, directed towards enhancing the school's sports room.
21Toastmaster Internal District 102 - Hall of Fame 2022N/ASponsorship worth RM3.00kN/AToastmasterToastmaster Internal District 102 - Hall of Fame 2022 Sponsorship of RM3,000 (silver sponsorship)
22AET and Felix Project LondonN/A2770 mealsVolunteersCommunityEmployees in London volunteered helping at the food kitchen to prepare 2,776 meals as well as at the warehouse sorting and managing donated food for distribution to support the underprivileged.
23The Felix ProjectN/AN/A6 volunteersCommunityContinuing our support for The Felix Project, our colleagues volunteered at the warehouse in Poplar where they sorted and managed donated food, which was later distributed to Londoners in need of food. In December last year, six colleagues helped to organise donated food items which were delivered to charities and their beneficiaries for the holidays.
24AET and Singapore Children’s SocietyN/ACooking workshopN/AYouthMISC partnered once again to organise a cooking workshop to encourage youths to make healthy food choices and equip them with basic cooking skills.
25ALAM Beach Cleaning Activity 1.0N/ABeach cleanup76 volunteersEnvironmentThis year, ALAM conducted twice beach cleaning activities surrounding the coastline along the campus ground. A total of 70 cadets and six employees participated in the programme and 132kg of various waste and rubbish were collected.
26ALAM Turtle Conservation Centre CleaningN/APool cleanup204 hoursEnvironmentMISC actively participated in the ALAM Turtle Conservation Centre Cleaning by contributing special paper for pool cleaning. The event saw the voluntary engagement of 26 cadets and 8 employees, resulting in a collective effort of 204 volunteer hours.
27Mangrove PlantingN/A200kg of rubbish collected, 98 units of tree plantedN/AEnvironmentIn 2022, our Offshore Business and Corporate Planning division actively participated in the mangrove planting program at the Kuala Selangor Nature Park (Taman Alam Kuala Selangor) during two distinct occasions. This collaborative effort was undertaken in partnership with the Malaysia NATURE Society and aligned with the Malaysian Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources' "100 million Tree-planting Campaign." The events collectively resulted in the planting of 98 units of Mangrove Trees (Rhizophora Apiculate s.p.). Additionally, the Corporate Planning team contributed to the cause by collecting 200 kg of rubbish from the mangrove area during these events.
28MHB Free MarketN/AFree market eventN/A500 family membersMHB orchestrated a meaningful Free Market initiative, benefiting over 500 family members within the Pasir Gudang area where we are active. Through the generosity of MHB employees, around five tonnes of new and pre-loved items, including clothing, shoes, handbags, strollers, toys, medical support equipment, kitchenware, and books, were donated. Families were transported to the event venue and offered the unique opportunity to choose from the array of items on display, all provided at no cost. This initiative exemplified MHB's commitment to making a positive impact within the community.
29Blood donation and health screeningN/ADonated 113 packs of blood200 employeesPublicALAM’s annual blood donation programme in collaboration with Blood Bank Hospital Melaka resumed in 2022 after a hiatus during the COVID-19 pandemic. Over 200 employees and students came forward to donate their blood however 113 packs of blood were successfully collected.

⬆️ – shows an increase monetarily or the number of beneficiaries from 2021 report 

⬇️ – shows a decrease monetarily or the number of beneficiaries from 2021 report 

1. The numerical value for total cash and in-kind giving was calculated based on individual monetary mentions in the Annual and Sustainability report.

2. The information above is derived from MISC Berhad’s 2022 Annual and Sustainability Report. Email correspondence was made between between 20 April – 3 August 2023 to seek further clarification, however, no reply was received.

Focus Areas of MISC Berhad

Beneficiaries of MISC Berhad

MISC Berhad contributed approximately RM24.43 million through in-kind giving and roughly RM3,100 through cash giving based on their annual and sustainability report. The top focus areas from the group’s giving are in Environment. 40% of MISC’s giving initiatives were contributed towards environment including yearly collaborations such as Heart of the Ocean programme, UMT-MMS Sea Turtle Conservation initiative and MMS conservation programmes. The main beneficiaries that were positively impacted by the Group’s giving initiatives were the Marine Life and Youth. Most of the givings were geared towards marine life conservatino initiatives such as the MMS Hawksbill Sea Turtle Conservation Programme and donations towards the Youth. The employee volunteer hours at MISC Berhad has also increased 474 hours in the current financial year.

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