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How Malaysia's Biggest Public Companies Give Back To Society?

Malayan Banking Berhad

Maybank is the largest financial services group in Malaysia and operates across a global network of 18 countries. The company established a five-year strategy (M25) centred around the group’s strategic priorities of being pervasively digital, building new value drivers and driving sustainability forward. Maybank monitors their sustainability progress via four long-term sustainability commitments; mobilising RM50 billion in sustainable finance by 2025, improving the lives of one million households across ASEAN by 2025, achieving a carbon neutral position of their own emissions by 2030 with net zero carbon equivalent by 2050, and achieving one million hours per annum on sustainability alongside delivery of one thousand significant UN SDG-related outcomes by 2025.

Fiscal Year-End: 31 December 2021

*Proportion of in-kind giving is not visualized in the chart above.

Maybank achieved an increase of 24.9% in FY2021 net profit compared to the previous financial year.

The dividend payout ratio is 84.5% at RM6.84 billion from Maybank during FY2021.

Total cash contributions made by the Company amounted to RM46.6 million which excludes the Board and senior management’s contribution of over RM2.27 million. The largest sum of in-kind contribution was RM21 million made towards COVID-19 relief efforts.

Total in-kind contributions made by the Company has been accounted for in the reported RM46.6 million of community investment. 

The total employee volunteer hours reported by Maybank in FY2021 is 6,261 hours.

Malayan Banking Berhad:
Cash, In-Kind and Employee Volunteer Hours

No.ContributionCash GivingIn-kind GivingEmployee Volunteer HoursBeneficiariesDescription
1Community investment
The total community investments is inclusive of COVID-19 relief giving. It is assumed that all related community initiatives and COVID-19 giving is included in the stated amount.
RM46.6MN/AN/A500,000 householdsMaybank invested RM46.6 million through their community programmes in FY2021 where over RM21 million were channelled towards COVID-19 relief efforts.
2Cahaya Kasih (CK) Employee Volunteerism ProgrammeN/AN/A6,261 hrsBeneficiariesThe Cahaya Kasih (CK) Employee Volunteerism Programme supports local communities spanning all six of Maybank's community investment pillars to encourages Maybankers to volunteer their time and energy for community initiatives. In 2021, the participation rate in CK-related activities was 3,054 Maybankers, amounting to a total of 6,261 volunteer hours.
3Supporting the 'Hospital Surge Capacity' projectN/A836 medical equipment worth RM14MN/A16,819 patientsAs part of the RM21 million channelled towards COVID-19 efforts, Maybank contributed RM14 million through MERCY Malaysia to provide 836 units of medical equipment, benefitting 16,819 patients.
4Supporting the 'Hospital Surge Capacity' projectN/ASet-up hospital and paediatric wardsN/A1,571 patientsMaybank assisted 1,571 patients through the set-up of a dedicated field hospital and upgraded paediatric wards with additional 120 beds.
5Supporting the 'Hospital Surge Capacity' projectN/APsychosocial support servicesN/A6,610 frontlinersMaybank helped provide 6,610 medical frontliners with access to psychosocial support services.
6Helped to expedite the National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme (PICK)RM2.27MN/AN/A34,057 individualsMaybank Board of Directors and senior management contributed over RM2.27 million to cover the logistical and operational costs of vaccinations for vulnerable communities in Malaysia during the National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme (PICK). This accelerated vaccination programme benefited 34,057 Orang Asli, people with disabilities (PWDs), homeless people and individuals from B40 communities.
7Etiqa's COVID-19 relief effortsN/ASyringes and needles worth RM0.89MN/ABeneficiariesAs part of Etiqa's contribution towards COVID-19 relief efforts, RM891,000 were contributed for the purchase of 2.7 million low dead volume (LDV) syringes and needles.
8Etiqa's COVID-19 relief effortsN/A300 oxygen flow meters worth RM84kN/AHospital Sungai BulohEtiqa contributed 300 oxygen flow meters, worth RM84,000, to Hospital Sungai Buloh, Selangor.
9Etiqa's COVID-19 relief effortsN/AMedical equipment and hospital beds worth RM0.94MN/AHospital Kuala Lumpur and Hospital AmpangThe Emergency Department of Hospital Kuala Lumpur and Hospital Ampang received contributions of medical equipment and additional hospital beds, worth RM944,160, from Etiqa.
10Maybank Islamic Dekat Dengan Mu (DDM)N/A400 food packs and hygiene kitsN/APPR Seri Pantai and PPR Pekan Kepong.Funded by Maybank Islamic Berhad, 400 packs and hygiene kits were given to Program Perumahan Rakyat (PPR) Seri Pantai and PPR Pekan Kepong, KL during the MCO 3.0 period, benefiting 8,000 residents.
11MaybankHeart’s MERCY Malaysia’s COVID-19 Response Campaign 2.0RM0.18MN/AN/ABeneficiariesMaybank Singapore contributed RM186,000 towards MaybankHeart’s MERCY Malaysia’s COVID-19 Response Campaign 2.0
12Maybank Islamic and Yayasan Chow KitN/AFood aid worth RM60kN/A100 familiesMaybank Islamic, in collaboration with Yayasan Chow Kit, contributed RM60,000 in food aid to 100 families for 4 months to assist them during the extended national lockdown.
13Iftar for frontlinersN/AIftar meals and cookies worth RM52kN/A2,700 frontlinersIftar meals and Hari Raya cookies worth more than RM52,000 was provided to 2,700 medical frontliners at Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Hospital Sungai buloh and the National Heart Institute.
14Maybank Islamic 'Save a Child's Heart'N/ARelief efforts worth RM0.3MN/A17 beneficiariesCOVID-19 relief efforts worth RM300,000 were provided to 17 beneficiaries via the Maybank Islamic Zakat Fund and Maybank Ikhwan Card Charity Fund.
15Maybank Family FundRM0.37MN/AN/A293 familiesMaybank Family Fund is a financial inclusion programme providing low-income families in Singapore with matched savings and financial literacy skills. During FY2021, 293 families benefitted from this initiative and received matched savings of SGD118,288 or RM372,912.
16Financial Literacy WebinarsN/A70 webinarsN/A11,000 participantsIn 2021, Maybank conducted over 70 webinars to educate younger Malaysians on financial management, reaching more than 11,000 participants nationwide.
17Supporting Urban FarmingN/AUrban farming projectN/A60 individualsMaybank Islamic, and the International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance (INCEIF) launched a pilot urban farming project in Bandar Rinching, Semenyih, Selangor where 60 individuals from the Asnaf and B40 groups were engaged. This project aims to provide a sustainable source of income and nurture an entrepreneurial mindset.
18Balai Seni Art SeriesN/A6 exhibitionsN/ALocal artistsThe Maybank Virtual Art Gallery @ Balai Seni provides local artists a platform to showcase and sell their artwork to help them generate income during the challenging COVID-19 pandemic. Five virtual exhibitions and one physical exhibition were organised in 2021 at the National Museum of Singapore, in collaboration with the Singapore National Heritage Board.
19Tiger conservation programme at Royal Belum-Temenggor Forest ReserveN/ATiger conservation efforts worth RM1.45MN/ATiger populationThis conservation programme strives to increase the tiger population by supporting patrols throughout the forest complex to combat poaching and other threats to wildlife. The local Orang Asli communities were also engaged to capitalise on their knowledge of the landscape and their experience in the protection and stewardship of natural resources through workshops, surveys and the development of community based groups. In 2021, WWF-Malaysia’s 14 patrol teams covered a total of 11,308 km via foot patrols, or an average of 13 patrol days per month. This initiative received a total disbursement of RM1.45 million in 2021.
20Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) ProjectRM0.12MN/AN/A183 peopleMaybank Islamic’s Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) programme aims to provide access to clean water to reduce the rate of water and sanitation-related diseases. In 2021, RM125,000 was contributed to WASH 4.0, benefitting 183 people in Kampung Jenal and Kampung Lalang in Dabong, Kelantan.
21Cervical Cancer ScreeningN/ACervical screening programmeN/A3,000 womenIn 2021, Phase 2 of Etiqa’s Free Cervical Screening Programme, in partnership with ROSE Foundation was launched aiming where as of December 2021, 3,000 women were screened.
22Clean Water ProjectRM0.60MN/AN/A2,592 villagers in 4 villagesThrough this programme partnered with Islamic Aid Malaysia, Etiqa invested RM608,180 was invested in 2021 to improve water infrastructure for 4 villages, located in Sarawak, Perak, Kedah and Pahang, impacting 2,592 villagers.
23Mammograms for Underprivileged WomenN/AMammogram screening worth RM2MN/A6,000 womenEtiqa provides free mammograms to underprivileged women above the age of 40, investing an approximate RM2 million into the project partnered with National Cancer Society of Malaysia. As of December 2021, approximately 6,000 women were screened.
24CERDIK programmeN/ADigital devices worth RM6.5MN/A3,320 underprivileged students from 39 schoolsMaybank channelled RM6.5 million towards CERDIK programme to provide laptops to more than 3,320 underprivileged students from 39 schools and another 2,354 laptops to children of employees from the lower income category to facilitate home-based learning while schools were closed. The students each received the laptop with a dongle, a laptop bag, a wired mouse and 12-month internet data plan subscription.
25Contributions to Financial Industry Collective Outreach (FINCO) initiativesRM0.18MN/AN/A63 families and primary school studentsMaybank invested RM187,500 into the Financial Industry Collective Outreach (FINCO) initiaves in 2021. As part of the investment, RM10,080 were contributed via the MyKasih Foundation supporting 63 families during the COVID-19. Through this initiative, Maybank also provided financial literacy materials under the FINCO Good Social Enterprise Network for Schools (SENS) programmme to primary school students.
26Maybank Islamic Ikhwan Charity Fund to Yayasan MendakiRM0.29M90 laptopsN/A90 studentsYayasan Mendaki received a contribution of RM290,000 from the Maybank Islamic Ikhwan Charity Fund. The funds were used to equip 90 underprivileged students with laptops.
27Maybank Group Scholarship ProgrammeN/AScholarships worth RM4.47MN/A74 scholarsThe Group invested RM4,471,491 into the Maybank Group Scholarship Programme in 2021, supporting 74 scholars from low-income families.
28eMpoweringYouths Across ASEANN/AYouth empowerment programme worth RM0.79M and 4 webinarsN/A75 participants and 10 CSOsThis programme aims to select youths aged between 19 to 35 across ASEAN to develop and implement community projects at selected community sites to deliver meaningful long-term social and economic impact. Prior to undertaking the community projects, the youths will undergo a regional orientation and capacity-building workshop, to receive training on developing project plans. A total of RM797,576 was disbursed through this initiative. In 2021, there were 75 youths participants and 10 Civial Society Organizations engaged across ASEAN. Maybank also invited key leaders to share their insights with participants on various topics, via 4 eMpowering Youths Across ASEAN webinar series.
29Sama-Sama LokalN/ASmall business empowermentN/A991 merchantsThe “Sama-Sama Lokal” aims to empower these merchants by providing them with a digital presence and access to customers. Maybank waived all setup and transactional costs to these businesses while also working closely with small and local businesses to provide a series of capacity building programmes, including webinars on financial literacy and planning, as well as social media marketing. This programme worked with 991 merchants.
30Cashville Kidz' programmeN/AFinancial literacy programme worth RM1.4MN/A14,213 students across 53 schoolsCashville Kidz is a financial literacy programme, in partnership with MoneyTree Asia Pacific, targets schoolchildren aged 9 to 12 that focuses on personal finance management, offering modules on critical thinking,economics, income, consumption, purchases and savings. This programme reached 14,213 students in Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and Singapore while impacting more than 53 schools with a total investment of over RM1.4 million
31Reach Independence & Sustainable Entrepreneurship (R.I.S.E.)N/ACoaching and mentoring programme worth RM4.8MN/A3,294 participantsReach Independence & Sustainable Entrepreneurship (R.I.S.E.) is a coaching and mentoring programme, in partnership with People Systems Consultancy, fostering economic empowerment for marginalised communities which includes the differently-abled, in the aspect of income growth. This programme successfully trained more than 3,295 participants from disadvantaged communities with 2,687 are People with Disabilities, across Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos and the Philippines with a total investment of over RM4.8 million in 2021.
32Maybank Women Eco-WeaversN/AUpskilling programme worth RM1.8M and 47,000 mulberry trees plantedN/A319 new weavers, 227 mulberry tree farmers Maybank empowers women weavers from marginalised communities with training, capacity-building and microfinancing to revive traditional practices and attain financial independence through the Maybank Women Eco-Weavers' programme. Another programme also provides farmers with mulberry saplings to maintain the supply of silk thread as an additional source of income for the communities. They trained 319 new weavers, supported 227 mulberry tree farmers and more than 47,000 mulberry trees were planted through an investment of over RM1.8 million.
33Maybank flood relief contributionsRM0.59MN/AN/A8,690 flood victimsMaybank Islamic made contributions of RM594,883 through Islamic Aid Malaysia and Islamic Relief Malaysia to support 8,690 flood victims in Selangor, Pahang, Kelantan, Terengganu, Johor and Sabah.
34Maybank flood relief contributionsIDR50MN/AN/A210 flood and landslide victimsIn partnership with TorajaMelo, Maybank Indonesia donated IDR50 million for 210 flood and landslide victims in Lembata and Adonara.
35Maybank disaster relief assistanceN/AFood packages worth IDR60MN/A250 victimsMaybank Indonesia distributed basic food packages worth IDR60 million to 250 victims of the Mamuju earthquake.


  1. The total community investments inclusive of COVID-19 relief giving for Malayan Banking Berhad is RM46.6M as stated in the report. It is assumed that all related community initiatives and COVID-19 giving is included in the stated amount.
  2. The information above is derived from Malayan Banking Berhad’s 2021 Annual and Sustainability Report. An email was sent to clarify certain information but no reply was received. 

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