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How Malaysia's Biggest Public Companies Give Back To Society?

Maxis Berhad

As the nation’s leading converged solutions provider, Maxis is deeply intertwined with Malaysia and its people offering unmatched personalised experience, connectivity services and solutions placing people ahead of technology. 

The Group remains guided by their MAX Plan (Maxis for all, Achieve Unmatched Personalised Experience, Maxis Way) while maintaining the highest levels of commitment to protect the needs and interests of people, their stakeholders and the environment through five value creation themes;  Enabling a Digital Nation, Enhancing Customer Experience and Satisfaction, Empowering Our People and Transforming Our Organisation, Caring for Our Community and Environment and Embedding Responsible Business Practices. 

Maxis is committed to pledge 1% of profit before tax (PBT) pledge for corporate social responsibility.

Fiscal Year-End: 31 December 2021


Proportion of in-kind giving is not visualized in the chart above.

Net profit of the Group dipped by 5.4% to RM1,308 million in FY2021.

The reported profit after tax payout ratios in FY2021 is 101.8% or a total dividend payout of RM1.33 billion.

Total cash contributions made by Maxis Berhad during FY2021, as found in their annual report, is approximately RM435,000. 

Total monetary amount worth of in-kind contributions made by the Group was not detailed in their annual report.

A total of 1,056 employee volunteer hours was recorded by Maxis Berhad in FY2021.

Maxis Berhad:
Cash, In-Kind and Employee Volunteer Hours

No.ContributionCash GivingIn-kind GivingEmployee Volunteer HoursBeneficiaries
1UsahaWIRA programmeN/AEducational content and workshopsN/AEntrepreneursThe UsahaWIRA programme deploys content and platforms to offer valuable insights to entrepreneurs. Some of the initiatives included a weekly six-episode series on Astro Ria, a short film and customer featurettes, bite-sized TikTok-style videos dubbed 'Tanyalah Maxis', a full-day event featuring industry leaders and successful entrepreneurs who shared their journey in Maxistal entrepreneurship and hosted multiple workshop sessions.
2Flood network impact and recoveryN/A4 boatsN/AFlood victimsMaxis provided 4 boats for use during floods located in Pahang (2), Johor (1) and Penang (1) included with flood mitigation simulation exercises with the relevant authorities.
3Flood network impact and recoveryN/AGenerators at 49 sitesN/AFlood victimsMaxis deployed generators as standby to 49 sites to be prepared for the prolonged power disruptions during floods.
4Flood network impact and recoveryN/A55 portable generatorsN/AFlood victimsMaxis prepared 55 portable generators nationwide ready-for-mobilisation in areas such as Central (11), Eastern (10), Northern (12), Southern (9) and East Malaysia (13).
5Maxis scholarshipN/A21 scholarshipsN/A21 scholarsDuring FY2021, Maxis offered 21 scholarships to students in 3 different segments; 9 scholarships for tech, 7 scholarships for women in tech and 5 scholarships for young leaders.
6eKelas programmeN/AEnglish speaking and writing competitionN/A3,000 student participantsAn immersive use of English with eKelas HIP StoryFest competition was conducted through National-level English speaking and essay writing competitions, supported by tutorial guide videos on writing the best essay and tips to sharpen speaking skills. eKelas HIP Storyfest competition received more than 3,000 students participants.
7eKelas programmeN/A2 virtual forum sessionsN/A1,000 teachersThe eKelas programme hosted 2 virtual forum sessions on ‘How to Be ‘HIP’ Beyond the Classroom that benefited 1,000 teachers across Malaysia.
8eKelas programmeN/AEducational materials and talksN/AStudentsAn inaugral eKelas STEM Challenge to promote coding, creative and design thinking skills was conducted in FY2021. The campaign introduced STEM content through the popular Roblox game and space travel aimed to foster critical thinking and promoting innovation among student participants. Additionally, a holistic programme was also implemented where students access explainer videos, notes and modules to learn coding and design basics, talk series by STEM experts and workshops.
9eKelas programmeN/A200 hours of live tutorial sessions and 3,000 educational content.N/A50,000 students from 625 schoolsThe Maxis eKelas has seen an acceleration in growth with over 50,000 students from 625 schools connecting through the eKelas portal. Maxistal activities in Maxis eKelas include providing close to 200 hours of live tutorial sessions and the mobile app offering more than 3,000 curated bite-sized educational content.
10eKelas UsahawanN/ATraining workshopsN/A1,020 entrepreneursThrough eKelas Usahawan, a total of 1,020 entrepreneurs were trained in 2021 through Maxis' collaborations with Pacos Trust, Yayasan Hijrah, Yayasan Kebajikan Negara and Iskandar Region Development Authority.
11eKelas UsahawanN/ATraining workshopsN/A200 participants and 34 entrepreneursMaxis also held a campaign comprising series of workshops for 200 participants and 34 entrepreneurs.
12#MYBaikHati campaignN/A340 desktops and 35 laptopsN/A300 schools and 35 familiesMaxis contributed refurbished 340 desktops and 35 laptops to 300 schools and 35 families across Malaysia as part of #MyBaikHati campaign.
13Festive charity and humanitarian relief effortsN/AFood boxesN/AB40 householdsDuring Chinese New Year, Maxis provided food boxes as well as face masks and sanitisers for B40 households in Desa Mentari, Selangor and Sg Rapat, Perak.
14Festive charity and humanitarian relief effortsN/A100 desktopsN/A29 schoolsIn conjunction with Hari Raya, 100 desktops were delivered by Maxis to 29 schools across Malaysia.
15Festive charity and humanitarian relief effortsN/A20 refurbished desktops, 1 projector and 70 food boxesN/ASJK (Tamil) Jalan Fletcher and families in needMaxis equipped SJK (Tamil) Jalan Fletcher, Kuala Lumpur with 20 refurbished desktops and a new projector during Deepavali. Additionally, a total of 70 food boxes were also distributed to families in need in Matang Jaya, Sungai Buloh.
16Festive charity and humanitarian relief effortsN/A135 food packs, 6 new tablets, festive gifts and installed Maxis 4G WiFi N/ARumah Kanak-Kanak Kota KinabaluDuring Christmas, Maxis contributed 135 food packs, 6 new tablets, festive gifts and installed Maxis 4G WiFi for Rumah Kanak-Kanak Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
17Flood assistance reliefN/AFood boxes, hygiene kits and SIM packsN/AFlood victimsWorking with NGO partners, Maxis mobilised teams to support flood victims with food boxes and hygiene kits along with SIM packs for those in relief centres.
18Flood assistance reliefN/AClean up homes and support familiesN/ATaman Sri Muda, Bukit Changgung and Taman Sri NandingMaxis participated as an industry with the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia (KKMM) to support flood relief initiatives, OPS Bantu Hingga Selesai, to clean up homes and support families at 3 impacted locations in Selangor; Taman Sri Muda (Shah Alam), Bukit Changgung (Sepang) and Taman Sri Nanding (Hulu Langat).
19Flood assistance reliefN/AFood boxes and hygiene kitsN/AYKN’s regional offices, east coast, Klang Valley, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka and JohorCollaborating with Yayasan Kebajikan Negara (YKN), Maxis made food boxes available for impacted communities at YKN’s regional offices in Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Ipoh, Penang, Kuala Terengganu, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching. Additionally, Maxis worked with the Malaysian Red Crescent Society (MRCS) by preparing more food boxes and hygiene kits for distribution in the East Coast as well as Klang Valley, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka and Johor
20Aiding frontliners and communitiesRM135kSponsorship of Hotlink Unlimited mobile linesN/AMalaysian Red Crescent Society (MRCS)As part of Maxis' RM1 million pledge to the GLC/GLIC Disaster Response Network (GDRN) for “To Malaysia, With Love” a campaign driven by MCMC initiatives included RM135,000 in funding to Malaysian Red Crescent Society (MRCS)'s mobile vaccination programme under the National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme (PICK). Maxis also provided connectivity for MRCS’ Hotline numbers via the sponsorship of Hotlink Unlimited mobile lines.
21Aiding frontliners and communitiesRM50kMeal sponsorshipsN/AStaff and volunteersMaxis' RM1 million pledge to the GLC/GLIC Disaster Response Network (GDRN) for “To Malaysia, With Love” a campaign driven by MCMC initiatives included RM50,000 to vaccination centres at Bukit Jalil Stadium and Multimedia University Cyberjaya for one month’s sponsorship of meals for staff and volunteers.
22Aiding frontliners and communitiesRM100kSponsorship of personal protective equipment and mealsN/A200 frontliners, volunteers and patientsThe RM1 million pledge by Maxis to the GLC/GLIC Disaster Response Network (GDRN) for “To Malaysia, With Love” a campaign driven by MCMC initiatives included RM100,000 to the COVID-19 Assessment Centre in Kuala Lumpur for the sponsorship of personal protective equipment to support 200 frontliners, meals for volunteers and patients for a month.
23Aiding frontliners and communitiesRM150kFood boxesN/AImpacted communitiesPart of the RM1 million pledge by Maxis to the GLC/GLIC Disaster Response Network (GDRN) for “To Malaysia, With Love” a campaign driven by MCMC initiatives included RM150,000 to the MRCS to distribute food boxes to communities affected by the pandemic across Malaysia.
24Employee volunteer hoursN/AN/A1,056 hrsBeneficiariesThe Maxis volunteerism programme, mSquad clocked in 1,056 volunteer hours by mSquad members which reflects a total volunteering value of RM48,649.

1. The numerical value for total cash and in-kind giving was calculated based on individual monetary mentions in the Annual report.

2. The information above is derived from Maxis Berhad’s 2021 Annual Report. Email correspondence was made between between 8 July – 3 August 2022 to seek further clarification, however no reply was received.

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