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How Malaysia's Biggest Public Companies Give Back To Society?

IOI Corporation Berhad

IOI, a prominent global palm oil leader committed to sustainability, operates as a fully integrated enterprise encompassing plantation and resource-based manufacturing. With operations spanning multiple countries, the company employs approximately 25,000 individuals. The Group’s plantation ventures encompass regions in Malaysia and Indonesia, while their resource-based manufacturing endeavors are prominently established in Asia, Europe, and the USA. IOI’s sustainability framework revolves around their key pillars of sustainability: People, Planet, Prosperity, and Partnership. These pillars comprehensively address all dimensions of Environment, Social responsibility, and Governance within their value creation model. Part of their sustainability vision is centered on ensuring the protection of economic and social well-being, as well as the health of their employees, their families, and the broader communities they operate within.

Fiscal Year-End: 30 June 2022

The net profit of IOI Corp increased in FY2022 to RM1.73 billion from RM1.39 billion during the previous financial year.

The year on year net profit growth at IOI Corp is at 19.40%.

The Group’s dividend payout for the FY2022 amounts to RM869 million

Total cash contributions made by the Group during FY2022, was not specified in their annual and sustainability report.

The total in-kind contributions made by IOI Group is approximately RM60.29 million in their annual and sustainability report.

The total employee volunteer hours by IOI Corp Berhad was not specified in their annual and sustainability report.

IOI Corporation Berhad:
Cash, In-Kind and Employee Volunteer Hours

No.ContributionBased on Previous YrCash GivingIn-kind GivingEmployee Volunteer HoursBeneficiaries
1South Ketapang Landscape InitiativeN/AWildfire preventionN/ACommunityFY2022 marks the third year of the project and PT SNA, IOI's concession in Ketapang, committed to continue with this project by renewing its cooperation agreement with the Natural Resources Conservation Agency (“BKSDA”), a local conservation agency. This included the continuation of Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool (“SMART”) Patrol training with BKSDA at all PT SNA concessions to assist local fire brigades implement wildfire prevention measures and conduct wildlife monitoring within the conservation areas. Joint patrols around the concessions and within the Cagar Alam Muara Kendawangan buffer zone were also carried out using drones, patrol cars and motorcycles.
2HUMANA and CLC⬆️N/AHUMANA schools initiativeN/AYouthIn this initiative, the children attending the HUMANA schools are provided with tuition fees, school uniforms, school bags & stationeries, nutritious lunch on every school day and transportation to school. In addition, after school programmes such as tuition classes, extra-curricular and recreational activities are also provided. These programmes are conducted by the teachers and caretakers in each respective Humana schools. The schools will also be subsidised with used computers from IOI’s operations (part of 7Rs circularity - Reuse) to be used by teachers during the classes.
3Community Outreach and InitiativesCash donationsN/AN/A10 charity homesCommunity outreach programme that the IOI Oleochemical's Community Service Community was involved in included cash donations to ten charity homes in Penang.
4Project KasihN/AA4 papers, Hand sanitizersN/A5 schoolsDonation of reams of A4 papers and in-house mix hand sanitizers to five schools within Prai area where the plant is located
5Project KasihN/AOld handphonesN/ACommunityIn Germany, IOI Oleo GmbH had also carried out several community service projects involving schools, IOI employees and small farmers. For example, old company handphones were sold and the proceeds generated were donated to charitable projects in three different locations in Germany
6Strengthening Child Protection in the Palm Oil Supply ChainN/AEducational webinarN/A40 participantsThe refinery in Sandakan, IOIEO had collaborated with Earthworm Foundation to present an online webinar entitled ‘Strengthening Child Protection in the Palm Oil Supply Chain’ with suppliers in August 2021. The webinar was conducted for their suppliers in Sabah and Sarawak, and comprised of training, breakout sessions and group activities. 40 participants from various mills and plantations from operations, sustainability and management level staff benefited from this webinar.
7ScholarshipsN/AScholarships worth RM10MN/A316 studentsYTSLSC has awarded more than 316 students with more than RM10 million (RM10,403,309.00) in educational scholarships as of the 2022 financial year.
8Student adoption programmeN/ASponsorships worth RM4.88MN/A1,056 studentsStudent adoption programme RM4,889,012.07 to more than 1,056 students as of the 2022 financial year.
9Medical aidN/AMedical aids worth RM1.15MN/APublicMedical aid purposes RM 1,159,170.33 as of the 2022 financial year.
10Young achievers’ awardsN/ACash prizes worth RM0.65MN/A1,547 studentsYoung achievers’ awards RM650,585.00 worth of cash prizes given to 1547 students as of the 2022 financial year.
11UTAR Hospital Building FundN/AFunding worth RM4.00MN/APublicRM4,000,000.00 donation for UTAR hospital building fund as of the 2022 financial year.
12Charity activitiesN/ADonations worth RM14.38MN/ACommunityRM14,389,687.96 fund donated for various charity activities as of the 2022 financial year.
13Development of schoolsN/ASchool developments worth RM24.71MN/AYouthDevelopment of schools RM24,710,966.91 as of the 2022 financial year.
14Bargain basementN/ADonations worth RM0.52MN/ACommunityDonation from bargain basement, RM528,344 as of the 2022 financial year.

⬆️ – shows an increase monetarily or the number of beneficiaries from 2021 report 

⬇️ – shows a decrease monetarily or the number of beneficiaries from 2021 report 

1. The numerical value for total cash and in-kind giving was calculated based on individual monetary mentions in the Annual and Sustainability report.

2. The information above is derived from IOI Corporation Berhad’s 2022 Annual and Sustainability Report. Email correspondence was made between between 20 April – 3 August 2023 to seek further clarification, however, no reply was received. 

Focus Areas of IOI Corporation Berhad

Beneficiaries of IOI Corporation Berhad

The top focus area from the IOI Corp Berhad’s giving is in Welfare at 35.7% where multiple welfare initiatives were made including multiple community outreach to 10 charity homes in Penang. The largest portion of beneficiaries that were positively impacted by the IOI’s giving initiatives were the Community and Youth, whereby a specific group of underprivileged individuals such as students and the sick benefited from the giving initiatives.

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