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How Malaysia's Biggest Public Companies Give Back To Society?

CIMB Group Holdings Berhad

CIMB Group is a leading focused ASEAN bank and a world leader in Islamic finance. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, it is the fifth largest banking group by assets in ASEAN with a workforce of around 33,000 staff and over 18 million customers. Sustainability is a core element of their Forward23+ strategy with themes such as Delivering Sustainable Financial Returns, Disciplined Execution, Customer Centricity, Transform Fundamentals and Purpose-Driven Organisation. 

Fiscal Year-End: 31 December 2021

The net profit of CIMB significantly increased in FY2021 to RM4.30 billion.

The Group declared a 50% dividend payout equivalent to RM2.33 billion

Total cash contributions made by CIMB during FY2021, was approximately RM8 million.

Total in-kind contributions made by CIMB was RM9.63 million as found in their annual and sustainability report. 

The total employee volunteer hours reported by CIMB Group Holdings Berhad.

CIMB Group Holdings Berhad:
Cash, In-Kind and Employee Volunteer Hours

No.ContributionCash GivingIn-kind GivingEmployee Volunteer HoursBeneficiaries
1Employee volunteeringN/AN/A67,278 hrsBeneficiariesCIMB Group Holdings Berhad recorded 67,278 employee volunteer hours during FY2021.
2CIMB ASEAN ScholarshipN/A13 scholarships worth RM5.6MN/A13 youthsIn 2021, CIMB awarded new scholarships to 13 youths from lower income backgrounds from across the ASEAN region that was worth RM5.6 million. CIMB’s flagship talent programme have previously disbursed 92 scholarships to top talents in ASEAN that provided opportunities for students to attend the world’s best universities.
3CIMB NIAGA ScholarshipN/A50 scholarships worth Rp2.5MN/A50 studentsCIMB offered scholarships to 50 students from 16 different universities in Indonesia through the CIMB NIAGA scholarships worth Rp 2,512,620,000. This initiative has supported over 1,125 Indonesian scholars in their undergraduate education since 2006.
4MicroBizReadyN/AUpskilling programN/A137 participantsCIMB and CIMB Islamic’s MicroBizReady, introduced in 2020, provided further upskilling to micro entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses to the next level. In 2021, the programme benefitted 137 participants consisting of 39 women entrepreneurs, 43 from the ASNAF Community and 55 from the differently abled community.
5Clean energy financing and investment advisoryN/AFree coachingN/A8 companiesCIMB jointly hosted The Private Financing Advisory Network (PFAN) with UNIDO and the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership. It is a global network of climate and clean energy financing experts offering free coaching to support businesses in building capacity and attractiveness to financiers and investors. CIMB assisted eight companies based in Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore through this initiative to leverage on PFAN’s expertise to enhance their clean energy business model.
6Forest conservation studyRM0.44MN/AN/AFraser’s Hill Forest ComplexCIMB Islamic, via Ecosave, supports a three-year project in creating a Botanical Inventory of the Fraser’s Hill Forest Complex. Assessment results from the study and recommendations for conservation of species and habitats will be used in supporting the ongoing advocacy for the protection of Fraser’s Hill Forest Complex as a state park. This project is executed via WWF-Malaysia where CIMB Islamic provided annual grants amounting to RM443,900, for three years, to fund the project.
7Taman Tugu conservationRM0.3MN/AN/ATaman TuguCIMB committed RM0.9 million over the next three years to support conservation, preservation and rehabilitation efforts, as well as the operations of Taman Tugu in Kuala Lumpur. This project aims to plant more than 4,000 new mature trees to enhance the biodiversity of Taman Tugu whereby RM0.3 million was contributed during FY2021.
8Komuniti Kita COVID-19 relief fundRM6.79MN/AN/ANational healthcare system and local communitiesThe Group supported customers during the pandemic with CIMB Bank and CIMB Foundation through Komuniti Kita, a RM10 million COVID-19 relief project where RM9.5 million was funded collectively by CIMB Foundation and CIMB Group, while the additional RM0.5 million was raised via an employee donation drive. RM6.79 million was disbursed with allocation of RM2 million for food baskets for families with young children and elderly, RM2.33 million for medical equipment and supplies to hospitals and RM2.46 million for cash vouchers, shelter and food aid.
9Career-building projectN/ACareer-building projectN/A310 students in 2 rural schoolsIn Thailand, CIMB supported career-building projects in two rural schools where students were given an opportunity to manage an organic plantation and poultry farm. The produce was then used to provide school meals for over 310 students.
10Teach For Malaysia (TFM) Education Recovery' ProgrammeN/A500 free online lessons and allocation of RM1M for training of 20 fellowsN/A9,000 students and 20 fellowsCIMB partnered with Teach For Malaysia (TFM) for this program to develop 500 free online lessons for Primary 1 to Form 5 students, who accessed the online learning and revision through YTL Foundation’s Learn From Home website and the FrogPlay mobile app. The programme also allocated RM1 million for recruitment and training for the first 20 of 60 committed fellows in 2021. Over the course of their two-year fellowship, they will teach more than 9,000 students from B40 communities, helping to improve student and community outcomes.
11CERDIKN/A1,757 laptopsN/AStudents from 10 schoolsCIMB Bank contributed 1,757 new laptops paired with internet dongles under CERDIK, a CSR programme by government-linked companies and spearheaded by Yayasan Hasanah, to help disadvantaged students across 10 schools over five states to bridge the digital learning gap.
12Digital inclusion projects N/A15 used computers and career-building projectsN/ARural schoolsCIMB Thai implemented several educational projects by providing 15 used computers for selected schools in remote areas and also supported several career-building projects, such as poultry house and demonstration plots for organic local plants in two schools in 2021, namely; Wiroonthep School and Wat Photharam School in Thailand. Total funding for these initiatives is 236,815 THB.
13Engineering Good donationN/A475 laptopsN/ABeneficiaries of Engineering GoodIn Singapore, CIMB donated over 475 laptops to Engineering Good, a non-profit organisation that empowers inclusivity for disadvantaged and vulnerable communities.
14Be$MART programN/AFinancial literacy programN/A1,458 studentsCIMB Foundation’s flagship financial literacy education programme, Be$MART benefited 1,458 of B40 students from public universities and colleges across Malaysia via the four half-day interactive online sessions.
15Tour De Bank (TDB)N/AFinancial literacy programN/A3,178 students from 66 schoolsLaunched in 2015, Tour De Bank (TBD) helped foster financial intelligence and a culture of saving money at a young age that benefited 3,178 students from 66 schools, who participated in virtually-run programmes in 2021.
16Ayo Menabung dan Berbagi' Programme (Let’s Save and Share)N/AFinancial literacy programN/A7,250 students from 85 schoolsThe Ayo Menabung dan Berbagi (Let’s Save and Share) Programme aims to increase financial literacy and financial inclusion of Indonesian students that was attended by 7,250 students from 85 schools across 22 cities in 2021.
17Financial Industry Collective Outreach (FINCO)N/AFinancial literacy program1,000 hrs2,500 studentsThe Financial Industry Collective Outreach provides educational tools and guidance outreach to underprivileged children and youth in Malaysia to increase financial literacy where 239 CIMB staff volunteered about 1,000 hours to conduct various activities ranging from storytelling with primary students and small group mentoring for secondary students. It is estimated that over 2,500 students benefitted from this initiative.
18Financial education through social mediaN/AEducational contentN/ABeneficiariesCIMB Bank Cambodia, in collaboration with the Association of Banks Cambodia, promoted financial literacy through their social media by leveraging on local Facebook influencers to share knowledge regarding financial literacy topics such as the importance of savings, how to save, budgeting and tracking, and building an investment portfolio.
1920/20 PERFECT VISION PROGRAMMEN/AFree eye screening and 3,066 eye glassesN/A13,300 studentsCIMB Foundation partnered with Spectruck Sdn Bhd to provide free eye screening and refractive correction solutions, and raising awareness on proper eye care to school children from low income families. Through this programme, a total of 10,234 students were screened and 3,066 students received free eye glasses in Pahang, Selangor, Perak, Negeri Sembilan and Pulau Pinang during FY2021.
20Campaign against Prostate CancerN/AFundingN/AMedical practitionersCIMB partnered with the University of Malaya on the Campaign against Prostate Cancer and provided continuing education to medical practitioners, while supporting the Blue Cap x CIMB Virtual Run held in November 2021. CIMB Foundation contributed it’s funding for year 1 of the Prostate Cancer Awareness Programme.
21CIMB Junior Squash Development ProgrammeN/AAthlete supportN/A6,000 junior squash playersThis development programme provided a platform to more than 6,000 junior squash players including national and state level players to ensure accessibility of this sport to the community.
22Disaster relief in MalaysiaN/ACommunity assistance and recovery support worth RM2MN/AFlood victimsCIMB committed RM2 million towards providing on-ground community assistance and recovery support to deliver aid to flood victims via partner non-governmental organisations.
23Disaster relief in IndonesiaN/ARelief packages worth Rp170MN/A3,100 beneficiariesCIMB Niaga partnered with various organisations to distribute emergency relief packages to the affected communities. The packages comprised of ready-to-eat foods, basic and food essentials, medicines, hygiene kits, clothing, blankets, baby milk and diapers, tarpaulin, bedding and shelter kits, as well as medical assistance, amounted to Rp170 million was distributed to 3,100 beneficiaries.
24Disaster reliefN/AFundraiser raised PHP0.1MN/ABeneficiariesCIMB Bank Philippines launched a donation campaign for employees and customers which raised a total fund of PHP100,000. These funds were channeled towards providing food, water, medicine and hygiene packs for those affected via the relief organisation, Rise Against Hunger Philippines.
25COVID-19 community relief in VietnamN/ADonations worth VND275MN/A2 hospitalsIn Vietnam, over VND275 million was donated to 2 local hospitals towards purchase of medical equipment, and personal protective equipment needed to serve local communities.
26COVID-19 community relief in CambodiaN/AFinancial support, food, drink and masksN/AElderly rickshaw driversCIMB Cambodia provided financial assistance and in-kind support such as food, drink and masks to severely-affected groups, such as elderly rickshaw drivers in Phnom Penh.
27COVID-19 community relief in ThailandN/AFood itemsN/ABeneficiariesTogether with Sampantawong District, CIMB created “Octo Pan Sook” or Pantry of Sharing where employees and customers were invited to donate items and foods to help those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in the Yaowarat area.
28COVID-19 community relief in ThailandN/ACommunity isolation centerN/A200 patientsCIMB Bank developed a Community Isolation Center to accommodate 200 COVID-19 patients in partnership with Bang Phee Noi Sub-District Municipality and Samut Prakan Province.
29COVID-19 community relief in IndonesiaN/AFacilitating vaccinationsN/A17,474 beneficiariesCIMB Niaga supported the Indonesian government’s COVID-19 vaccination programme by facilitating vaccinations for over 57,000 employees and their family members, as well as the public, in several cities across Indonesia. Up to March 2022, the number of non-employees who were vaccinated was 17,474.
30Entrepreneurship program for NGOsN/ATraining programme, mentorship and a grantN/A5 NGOsThe Bank collaborated with Me.rekaStudios to empower local NGOs through entrepreneurship training programmes, mentorship and also small grants. Five NGOs were in the mentorship programme to support them in transition from an NGO to a social enterprise model.
31Disability trainingN/ATraining programmeN/A20 disabled individualsIn 2021, CIMB Niaga collaborated with ThisAble Enterprise and trained 20 disabled individuals to be baristas. As a result, 6 trainees were able to transition to full time employment in retail, F&B and hospitality industries.
32Community link programN/AFunding of Rp50M and mentorshipN/A3 participantsThe #JadiNyata Community Link Programme encourages the community to be a part of the solution. This year, 3 winners receive Rp50 million in funding assistance and business guidance from experts and mentorship for a year.
33Waste Bank projectN/AEducational materialsN/A3 schoolsIn Thailand, CIMB supported a Waste Bank Project within three schools where educational materials were created to raise awareness of environmental conservation in 3 school; Wiroonthep School, Wat Photharam School and Yuvabadhana Foundation (Pan Kan Project).
34Keluarga Akrab Mencapai Impian (KAMI)N/ASupport group and activitiesN/A200 familiesKeluarga Akrab Mencapai Impian (KAMI) is a holistic family programme, part of the CIMB Islamic Safe Space Programme, facilitated by Thrive Well and Teach for Malaysia offering support groups and experiential activities to strengthen family units which benefited at least 200 families.
35Contribution of tabletsN/A500 tabletsN/A500 studentsCIMB Islamic worked with Yayasan Belia Malaysia to purchase 500 tablets for school going children from low-income households.
36COVID-19 relief aidRM0.21MN/AN/AB40 familiesCIMB Islamic provided over RM216,300 towards helping those affected by COVID-19 which include providing cash vouchers to B40 families through Islamic Relief Malaysia.
37COVID-19 relief aidN/AFood packs worth RM0.13MN/A1,000 community membersCIMB Islamic has also contributed more than RM130,000 to various NGOs to provide food packs benefitting more 1,000 community members.
38iTekad Rider Entrepreneur programN/AFunding worth RM44kN/A31 individualsCIMB Islamic participated through the launch of the Rider Entrepreneur Programme and provided funding worth RM44,000 to train 31 individuals on entrepreneurship and technical skills.
39CIMB Islamic Entrepreneurship programN/ATraining programme, mentorship and grantsN/A400 micro entrepreneursOver 400 micro entrepreneurs, with a monthly revenue of below RM3,000, have completed the training, mentorship, and received grants from CIMB Islamic. This initiative is helped the community to gain knowledge, improve their skills and establish business linkages to help them grow their businesses. Each successful micro entrepreneur receives RM5,000 worth of in-kind grant to expand their businesses.
40RECYCLON/AN/AN/ABeneficiariesIn 2021, #teamCIMB collected over 32,000kg of recyclable items which were sent to local recycling collection centres.
41Employee volunteer in IndonesiaN/AFinancial literacy training and vaccination programmes8,017 hrsBeneficiariesOver 648 CIMB Niaga employees were involved in volunteering activities such as online financial literacy training and supporting vaccination programmes with a total of 8,017 hours volunteered.
42CIMB Cares Keep Fit' programmeS$0.05MN/AN/ABeneficiariesCIMB Singapore pledged to donate S$30 to Family Service Centres supported by Community Chest for every employee that ran, walked, or cycled for at least 6 hours during the month-long “CIMB Cares Keep Fit” programme. As a result, over S$52,240 was raised through this initiative.
43Read for the Blind projectN/A900 hours of audiobooksN/ABeneficiariesOver 100 employees recorded over 900 hours of audiobooks for the National Library of the Blind, as part of the Read for the Blind Project by the TAB Foundation.
44Virtual run in Thailand฿0.78MN/AN/ADoctors at Ban Phaeo HospitalA virtual run was set up in support of the doctors at Ban Phaeo Hospital where a total of over 780 employees and customers clocked over 52,300km to raise over ฿780,200.
45Contribution to Silk CentreN/ALaboratory equipment and education sponsorshipN/ABeneficiariesCIMB Cambodia supported the Silk Centre with the purchase of laboratory equipment and education sponsorship.
46Supporting Teach For CambodiaN/AMentorshipN/A27 studentsIn support of Teach For Cambodia, a total of 27 students were engaged and guided on a career in the finance industry.
47Contribution to Little Hearts OrganizationN/ADaily necessitiesN/ALittle Hearts OrganizationCIMB Cambodia contributed daily necessities to help the operations at Little Hearts Organization, a non profit NGO that works with abandoned children in Cambodia.

1. The numerical value for total cash and in-kind giving was calculated based on individual monetary mentions in the Annual and Sustainability report.

2. The information above is derived from CIMB Group Holdings Berhad’s 2021 Annual and Sustainability Report. Email correspondence was made between between 8 July – 3 August 2022 to seek further clarification, as reflected in the table above. 

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