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Billionaires Got Richer While The Poor Suffers During The Pandemic

covid-19 Malaysia

In a stunning report released by Oxfam International during the World Economic Forum in Davos, it revealed global society’s inequality especially amongst the poor and women and how the Covid-19 crisis deepens it.

Here are three stark differences:

#1 – The increase in the 10 richest billionaires during this pandemic would be sufficient to prevent anyone from falling into poverty during this pandemic.

Source: NY Post

#2 – These 10 richest billionaires profits during the pandemic is sufficient to pay for Covid-19 vaccine for everyone – globally.

covid-19 vaccine
Source: Asia Nikkei

#3 – The top 1,000 billionaires took only 9 months for their income to return to pre-pandemic level but it will take the poor at least 10 years to do so.

Malaysia Covid-19 Pandemic
Source: World Bank

How history will remember what governments did in response to the pandemic, however, is a chapter yet to be written. Governments around the world have a small and shrinking window of opportunity to create a just economy after COVID-19. One that is more equal, inclusive, that protects the planet, and ends poverty. (Oxfam International)

Read the brief summary of the report here:

Download the Inequality Report Virus here in full.

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