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Child Labour In Malaysia: A Persistent Problem And Reasons Why

With the scarce data, it is as if child labour doesn’t exist in Malaysia. Even so, the instances of child labour are pervasive in marginalised communities, hidden away in the crevices of the plantation in East Malaysia, in urban slums such as Chow Kit and amongst the invisible children that

Climate Change Through The Eyes Of The Poor

The devastating effects of climate change hit vulnerable communities the hardest. In this whitepaper, we analyze the impacts of climate-change on Malaysia’s poor using the Multidimensional Poverty Index.

Malaysia’s Invisible Poor: The Stateless Community

A stateless person has no legal bond between any government or country. Without legal documentation, no government is obliged to provide basic citizen rights such as access to education, healthcare, employment, housing options and protection.

Can The New Generation of B40s Afford To Buy Their Own Home?

With property prices skyrocketing, one must wonder whether the younger B40s can afford to purchase their own home. Are there enough options for low-income earners? What are some ways to realise their dreams to own personal homes?

Situational Analysis: The Case Of The Urban Poor

Malaysia is set to become a high-income nation by 2025, but the benefits are unlikely to reward all groups with equal measure. Here, we unpack the struggles faced by the urban poor and potential ways to alleviate its impacts.

Healthcare Trends Caused By Poverty In Malaysia

Although poverty does not automatically determine a person’s health status, it does influence it to a great extent. Download this whitepaper as it briefly outlines seven healthcare trends among those in the low-income group.

Village Malaysia

Three Surprising Health Facts About The B40 Community

This article explores three interesting facts that we found out about the B40 community in Malaysia. It may help you to understand that people in poverty face a web of food and nutrition related issues and they require an array of interventions.

Poverty Is One Of The Main Drivers Of Child Marriage

Globally, as it stands, a whopping 650 million girls have gotten married before the age of 18 years old. According to Unicef, this number increases by 12 million every year. Nearly 30% of global child marriages happen in the South Asian region.

Infographics By Wiki Impact

Here is a collection of infographics about poverty in Malaysia
(designed by the Wiki Impact team)


Poverty In Malaysia 101

Social Injustice In Malaysia

Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI)

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