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Impact Communications: Partnering & Advertising Opportunities

Create impact by partnering with us through the following opportunities

Content Partnerships

From strategy to story, we work with you deliver content that matters to a greater audience. We specialise in developing authentic long form or social media narratives that resonate and showcase your social or environmental impact.

Event Media Partner

From live coverage to post-event narratives, we craft engaging and meaningful content that connects people to your event’s mission. Long form, short form, rap form, reel form – the ideas are unlimited.


Capture the right audience and fast-track your reach to an engaged audience who have an affinity to changemaking, nation building and making a positive difference. Showcase your work and organisation on our website through various asset locations.

Our Community Champions Social Change

Here’s why you should partner with us

Social, cause and impact driven

Our audience comprises social entrepreneurs, impact investors, corporate executives, leading researchers and academics, progressive charities, ethical businesses, foundations, philanthropists, as well as cause driven individuals.

Millennials and Gen-Z FTW

Reach young changemakers through our platform. 68% of our audience are below the age of 40 years old. 20% are below 25 years old. 

A growing audience

Our Instagram following grew organically by 136% in 2022 and 60% in 2023 (Nov). We have 23,700 followers, without paid advertising and withaudience across both West and East Malaysia. Our website attracts 20,000 unique visitors per month.

Our Readership


website visitors annually


social media followers


clicks on Google annually

social impact leaders

including entreprenuers, innovators and investors

non profit and charity

including decision-makers and changemakers on the ground

education and think tank

including academians, researchers and students

Our Paid Partners

Yayasan Hasanah

Event media partner for The Hasanah Forum 2023, Malaysia’s largest social impact forum. We collaborate on pre and post event coverage which included feature articles, IG live posts, rapporteuring and session doodle summaries.

Malaysia Acumen Academy

Content strategy and storytelling to spotlight Acumen Fellows and the impact of their work.

Teach For Malaysia

Feature stories to highlight specific fellows and their journey of changemaking.

Yayasan Kajian dan Pembangunan Masyarakat

Monthly on ground stories of their beneficiaries storytold through blog posts and IG posts.

Other partners includes

Since August 2020

Content published
Changemaker pins
Citizen Volunteers
Spotlight on districts
Partners & collaborators

As Spoken At

Conferences, forums & workshops we spoke at

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