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Do you have data, study or research papers on social issues in Malaysia? Submit them to Wiki Impact and we will publish relevant information on our site. 

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    Submitting A Listing

    Please check if you have filled up your organisation (changemaker) first. This is your first step before adding any other listings.

    If you have done so but still encounter problems, please email

    We take no more than 3 working days to approve every listing submitted.

    Submitting Data

    You can submit your study or research paper here.

    100%. We will request for your permission to use parts or portion of your paper and will give you the due credit. 

    We believe academic and research studies contributes to the betterment of a society. If your research contributes towards the mission of Wiki Impact, we would love to read it and consider featuring it. Let us build this nation together!

    In general, we accept all kinds of studies – which includes research papers, peer reviewed journal articles, pro bono study, consultation submissions and opinion piece.

    Our team will add another layer acting as a fact checker before utilising your study.

    Finding A Listing

    Our site categorises different vacancy types: full time, internship and volunteer positions.

    That’s easy. At the search bar at the top of the page, you can type a job function term or qualification – and that’s it! The term you searched will generate results for listings that have been tagged and will show results in another page.

    At this moment, our site does not have that feature. However, we send out weekly newsletters to update on latest jobs and news. You can subscribe here. 

    Also, follow us on Instagram as we highlight vacancies and events there too.

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