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Creating impact is no longer a passion project or a niche interest. The nation’s future workforce is at a tipping point where they want to see positive impact in the careers they choose and the businesses they build. For-profit organisations are increasingly impact-driven. Don’t miss this wave of changemaking – ride it!

Get data to give effectively

The world is becoming increasingly data-driven and it is shaping how problems are defined and what solutions are developed. Data is not confined to just numbers and graphs, it includes real and unbiased stories that uncover nuances that shape a more holistic narrative. Be empowered with data to guide your changemaking journey.

Bring More Fulfilment & Purpose To Life

There is a changemaker in all of us desiring greater good for all. Doing good is infectious, inspiring and deeply fulfilling. Identify a cause or a problem you feel strongly about and see yourself as part of the solution. Our world is rapidly transforming and increasingly interconnected world. The size and complexity of global challenges need changemakers of every shape, size and form.


Good data makes for more effctive change


Information for all with no strings attached

Evidence Based

Solid research based on facts, figures and real-life stories


Bringing together changemakers and knowledge experts to form the big picture

Easy To Digest

Communicating comprehensive, clear, and compelling data

Meet the team



Terence is passionate about developing people and seeing individuals rise to their potential. His career spans ten years in the digital & media industry and more than a decade in community development in areas of voluntourism, education, youth and economic empowerment. Graduated with a Masters in Sustainable Development (School for International Training), he speaks and facilitates regularly on topics of leadership, design thinking, community development and youth outreach.



Deborah has over 12 years experience in community development projects and co-founded a volunteering program where she had the privilege of raising awareness about effective international aid and development to over 200 volunteers. Her work spans across Asia and beyond, to the ghettos of New York. Deb is also a freelance writer and sustainable tourism consultant. She holds a Bachelors in Mass Communication with double majors in Journalism and Cultural Studies and has authored a book titled “Live To Last”.



Elisa spent her career in the advancement of social causes. Most recently, Elisa served as the Corporate Communications Director of Kechara Soup Kitchen (the largest soup kitchen in Malaysia) and Secretary within the Private Office of H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche. Together with her husband, Elisa has donated, fundraised, and volunteered with a variety of organisations, such as My Forever Doggo and Code Tenderloin. She also leads impact investments in plant-based businesses such as Burgreens and Good Mylk.



Graduated with Degree in Psychology and Masters in Cognitive Neurosciences, she believes that the key to social changes is life-long learning. She has volunteered with NGOs educating refugees and children with autism over the years and is no longer content of being a bystander of obscene structural inequalities, especially in the education sector. She is attempting to reduce the distance between mere observation and action with one piece of writing at a time.



Inarah is passionate about bringing good change to the world in any way she can, be it through content creating or being involved on the ground (wherever that is!). An Arts and Social Sciences graduate, her dreams to make an impact come from intersections of her studies, Girl Guiding, and her involvement in the cultural arts and local Indie music scenes. She believes that everyone should do things with kindness and the right intentions.



A Business Analytics and Finance student with a strong desire to create a positive impact in the world. Since young, she’s been involved with communal work that educates and develops young individuals like herself to contribute to human rights and environmental causes. She enjoys creating and storytelling through data visuals that can help others in understanding issues from different perspectives.

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Frequently asked questions

Behind Wiki Impact

Wiki Impact is an online platform dedicated to the impact industry. We share stories and data on issues that matter, highlighting impact-driven organisations and changemakers on the ground. Now, everyone can experience the impact industry, get data to give effectively, and bring more fulfilment and purpose to life.

  1. Creating impact is no longer a passion project or a niche interest. The nation’s future workforce is at a tipping point where they want to see positive social change and greater good through the careers they choose. According to Deloitte’s 2021 Global Millennial and Gen Z Survey, the said demographic is leaning on their values in making career choices. 
  2. 44% of millennials and 49% of Gen Zs said they have made choices over the type of work they are prepared to do and the organizations for which they are willing to work based on their personal ethics. 
  3. This generation believes that their individual power can drive change and they are actionizing it through their actions. 55% of millennials and 52% of Gen Zs have donated to charities in the past two years and 35% of millennials and 40% of Gen Zs have volunteered with an organisation, charity or non-profit.
  4. We are looking at a wave of a future workforce that is purpose-driven and not just profit-driven.

The Impact Industry will never be mainstream if we don’t galvanise it. It is too easy to underestimate the size of the industry and the potential that it can become if it is too fragmented. Every person in society has a part to play in change making because there is an innate changemaker in all of us. 

Part of what makes the  impact space so exciting is how quickly it’s evolving and changing, but for job seekers, that also makes it confusing. We are making it easier and more accessible to people to get involved, understand social issues better, build careers in the impact industry and give back.

Changemakers can build credibility, raise awareness, find talent and use the data and stories on Wiki Impact to further strengthen their work. Wiki Impact partners with changemakers to raise awareness on a spectrum of social issues via various interactive events such as webinars, forums, and IG Live conversations.

Wiki Impact seeks to serve changemakers by amplifying their good work so that they can focus on the ground work.

The core Wiki Impact team is very lean and we run on a limited budget. Wiki Impact is owned by Wiki Impact PLT, a Malaysia-based social enterprise founded by 3 social workers. Having spent much of their lives in the field of social work, they realised the role of technology and citizen participation in change making, and decided to embark on this journey of organising the world of impact into an industry of its own.

No, we are a social enterprise with a heart and vision to make a positive difference in the world through research, data corroboration and great storytelling. We do not sell any tangible products but eventually we hope to provide consultancy in the area of community development, CSR or social work. Profits from those services will be utilised to keep Wiki Impact going.

We really appreciate your generosity, however, we are not an NGO or charity organisation. We would encourage you to check out our changemakers map and find a cause or an organisation that resonates with your intention to give.

Content Information

The data corroborated, collated and communicated on Wiki Impact seeks to give changemakers the big picture understanding as well as data-driven statistics on pressing social issues. With this understanding, we hope that it will help changemakers make good decisions on where to channel their funds, which areas and communities need it most, to connect with other changemakers to improve synergy and tap into talents that are looking to build careers and be involved in change-making.

You will find links to relevant white papers, newspaper articles, journals, videos, podcasts, and other media from which the team derived its research. Most findings are commonly backed up and corroborated with two or more credible sources. The content of any particular article is subject to editorial discretion developed via consensus with the Wiki Impact team.

Yes! 100% free. No strings attached. We work hard to crunch and digest dense information so that it’s relevant, practical, and useful to change-makers.

Each whitepaper goes through several rounds of updates with the latest revision date reflected on the frontpage of the whitepaper. It starts at Level 1, ending at Level 4.

  1. Level 1: Independent secondary research (desk research) and fact-checked by 1 person.
  2. Level 2: Updated with info from new secondary research and fact-checked by 2 people.
  3. Level 3: Contributions from academic researchers or credible practitioners with reliable data.
  4. Level 4: Article revised based on primary research findings by Wiki Impact and reviewed by 2 people.

The team consists of knowledge experts, collaborators who are invited by the Wiki Impact Team and collaborators who request to participate, fact-checkers, researchers and storytellers. Those who work on a particular social topic would generally have a common passion, interest, or professional and practical experience related to it.

All collaborators and translators will be credited and they have to use their real names. No cute aliases or menacing pseudonyms are allowed. There will be a Contributors Page where you can find all their names.

Get Involved

Awesome! We think it’s cool, too! There are several ways you can be part of Wiki Impact and we’ve given each role a distinct name. If, for whatever reason you think you can’t commit to any of these roles, it’ll help us a great deal if you can just help us spread the word and cause. Tell your friends about Wiki Impact, share it on social media, and tag us on Instagram: @wikiimpact. Speak openly about any of the social issues presented here and help raise general awareness.

Want to do more? Here are 5 roles to choose from:

  1. Be a PIONEER. Give us a framework or persuasive piece on a social issue that you are passionate about and that has not been featured on WI. Convince us why it should be talked about. Get started!
  2. Be a CITIZEN RESEARCHER. Wade through pages on the internet and help us with desk research and writes short articles. We are looking for curious minds with a keen sense to investigate, learn, and curate. Get started!
  3. Be a FACT CHECKER. Help us verify the content by ensuring that it is true, credible, and updated. Get started!
  4. Be a COLLABORATOR. Share data, real-life stories, research papers, and what you know of the topic discussed. We are looking for academicians, government agencies, NGOs, and practitioners to help us answer tough questions and make the big picture clearer. Get started!
  5. Be a STORYTELLER. Use your creativity for social good and help us craft social media messages that are captivating and compelling. Get started!
  6. Be a DEVELOPMENT ENGINEER. Help us with building maps and using tech as enabler for social issues. Get started!
  7. Be a TRANSLATOR. Some of our articles require translations as we intend to reach Malaysia at large. Get started!

A citizen researcher crawls through the internet, reads, compiles, and writes while a fact-finder combs through all the content that the citizen researcher has written and ensures that there are no mistakes or errors. Both are equally important!

You will tell stories of the social issue in bite-sized social media-friendly chunks – namely on Instagram. So it has to be correct, concise and visually appealing. Content will be given to you but would need to do some editing to make it more succinct.

Perfect! Your starting point is to apply as a ‘Pioneer’. A Pioneer is someone who is in charge of providing overall guidance on how to frame and present the social issue, give insight into the research needs and be the compass that keeps the idea running in the right direction.

To get started as a Pioneer, you will first need to tell us a bit more about yourself and write a simple framework to get the discussion going. Get started now!

All information published on the website after several rounds of fact-checking, however, some mistakes may miss our meticulous eye. So if you come across any errors, please hit the ‘comment’ button and provide us with your expert knowledge, corrections, links, and sources in order for us to make necessary changes after another round of fact-checking.
To get started as a Pioneer, you will first need to tell us a bit more about yourself and write a simple framework to get the discussion going. Get started now!

Most certainly. Get in touch with us before your college break starts, or if you’re a working adult and you’re in between jobs but would still like to help, let us know ahead in advance (preferably a month) and we will arrange some tasks for you to do while you’re on break. We are super happy that you considered investing your time in Wiki Impact.

Easy! All you need to do is fill up an online form and we will add your data in once it has been verified. Please keep a lookout in your email in case our Wiki Impact team has any clarifying questions.

All our maps are published under a Creative Commons Attribution – Non Commercial – ShareAlike 4.0 International License. For any commercial use (including in publishing) a map use license needs to be obtained. You can print maps and posters out for your own or educational or other non-commercial use.

No, there will be no monetary exchange for content or knowledge contributions made to the Wiki Impact page. Those who decide to participate understand that we are a not-for-profit organization, which means we do not make a profit from any content generated on the cite. Those who participate resonate and understand the vision of Wiki Impact and what it is trying to achieve.

We will gladly receive them. Our team is well versed in both English and Bahasa Malaysia. Just send them through or get in touch with us at hello (at) wikiimpact (dot) com

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